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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Five Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill NOW

  5 ways to reduce your grocery bill now - - Blissful and Domestic

This is a guest post by Connie Harriman

You take fewer vacations; your family is no longer members of the local pool; and yet, it remains difficult to lower family expenses. You must consider more ways to save. Wow! You spend that much at the grocery store? It’s time to find ways to cut corners at the food market.

Use Coupons

Did you know others pay less for the same items you purchase? It’s because they are meticulous about scouring news listings and online sites for opportunities to save. Manufacturers release coupons all the time, hoping to gain added attention and eventual sales.
If you’re not arriving at the register with a fist full of coupons, you’re not giving saving a fighting chance. Stop spending full price for items you purchase all the time! With a bit of research and perusing, you’ll find a coupon for just about any purchase. Go to sites like SumoCouponin addition to checking local listings to save big on your go-to brands.

Stop Wasting

Is the cupboard clear of stocked foods? How long have you kept the canned peas and corn wedged in the back of the shelf next to month-old dry pasta? Sure, there are tastier things than peas and corn, yet such foods ‘get the job done’ when it comes to sustenance and nutritional value.

Stop wasting food or turning your back on supplies in the cupboard. If you eat all the food already bought, you’ll think twice before purchasing and subsequently wasting a percentage of supplies in the cupboard and fridge.

Buy Sale Items

What should we eat tonight?” is a common question echoing throughout households all over the country. If you’re so indecisive, why not let sale prices dictate what’s for dinner? Search the meat, poultry, and seafood sections for prime cuts with slashed prices. Moreover, seek dry goods that host lower prices when you buy more than one.

Taking bulk buying a step further, seek bargain and wholesale club vendors in your area. You may need to make trips to separate stores yet save hundreds of dollars per month, paying half price or less on items.

Change Labels

No, don’t switch the sticker on one can for another – that’s illegal! What’s perfectly logical is considering the amount of money invested in being an advocate of a particular brand. For example, the leading brand of macaroni and cheese may cost $5 per box while the generic store variety costs $2. Imagine the epiphany following the realization there is little-to-no difference in taste!

The next time you blindly grab for a recognizable leading-brand on the shelf, take a moment to survey difference in price. You’ll be amazed to see how branding has influenced how you shop - and how much you pay at the register.

Plan Ahead

Keep tabs on to-be sales items at the grocery store and use that information to formulate a ‘menu’ for the week ahead. Each Sunday, consider what meals to prepare for the following week, keeping in mind foods on sale. The ‘food prevention’ helps keep costs down and curbs the occurrence of impulse buys.

Also, planning to eat at home puts a lid on the notion of ordering out or going out to eat, which gets incredibly expensive when made into a family habit.

Connie Harriman is an educator and busy mother of five. With her feet on the ground and a heart for family life, she loves blogging about simple ways to make modern living sweeter and better.


I love all these tips and tricks that Connie shared! They are tips I follow myself, which saves my family money every single month. How are you guys and gals saving on your groceries this month?

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XO Danielle

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  1. Great article and lots of good practical advice. I have been shopping frugally for well over 20 years and want to make one helpful comment. Coupons are great but make sure you aren't spending more, even with a coupon, than the store brand/generic product that is probably very similar. Give generic a chance, it even goes on sale sometimes. My family found they preferred many generic products. When we found we only liked a particular brand THEN I would watch for sales and coupons and stock up.

    I also kept a price book so I could keep track of lowest prices, where to find them and how often the sales occurred. There is alot that can keep your grocery bill down you just need to put in a little work; it pays off. Thank you for this article and your wonderful site,

  2. It's common sense stuff that we all seem to forget when we are in the clutches of brand marketing and placing at the store. I reduced my grocery bill from over $600 a month to about $60-80 a week when I started shopping smarter. I'll admit, that I lean more towards store brands than couponing, because I have limited time to shop, and I need to get in, get my stuff, and get out. Good tips.

  3. I've been shopping my pantry this month - I've only gone shopping once and spent about 20 bucks! I'd also add to the tips and tricks, decide that some things are treats or special, like dont need three a day, how about one a day? How about one a week? It's even healthy for you! ;)

  4. hey Danielle! we've been shopping the pantry and deep freeze. and making sure we are eat at home ALOT more probably 60% more.

  5. These are great tips! I always do meal planning, but I base my meals on whatever is on sale for the week. Consumers should not pay full price for anything especially a necessity such as food. Thanks for sharing at #BloggersBragsPinterestParty !

  6. Great tips! I always shop with coupons, and I use the weekly sales to plan my meals. Unless it is a very special occasion we all know our meals will vary on a weekly basis. We just moved to a new state, and I dont have much of a stockpile yet. But we are working on that. In time I guess. :) Found your link on Nibbles with Nic link party. Im glad I did!

  7. All great tips especially planning ahead! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brag Pinterest Party.


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