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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten Things You Should Teach Your Son

Ten Things You Should Teach Your Son on Blissful & Domestic

This is a guest post by 
Erica Barker

Raising children is hard! There are so many things I want my son to know. I want him to have the skills necessary to live a full, productive life. So, I have started keeping a list.
  1. Hard work pays off. Work hard and you will gain people’s respect.
  2. Slow is steady and steady is fast. This is something that my husband tells his deckhands. You will need to learn lots of new skills in your life. Be patient. Work hard. (see #1) (My husband is a commercial fisherman here in Alaska)
  3. Clean your face and hands. When you work hard (see #1) you will get dirty. Women appreciate clean face and hands, it’s who we are.
  4. Never stop laughing. Laughter is the best medicine. So many stressful situations have been lightened with a little laughter. Keep your wits child, people appreciate a good joke.
  5. Love fully. Love is hard. It is messy, but I have never regretted loving. Let go-fall in love.
  6. Hold tight to Jesus. In my darkest days, during a very difficult time in my life (Divorce Sucks I don’t recommend it) Jesus never left my side. I was angry and bitter, but I held on and he taught me how to love again. (see #5) Then he gave me you.
  7. Learn to take care of yourself. Finding a step-ford wife is becoming harder and harder. You will need to learn how to cook, clean and do your own laundry. Chicks dig a man who cleans!
  8. Learn to enjoy the mundane. There will be many, many tasks in your life that will not be exciting. Learn to enjoy the mundane as much as the thrills.
  9. Be kind to everyone. It is nice to be important, but it is important to be kind. People will not remember what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel. Being kind is a skill everyone should learn. No matter how much you work (#1) or how much money you have, being kind to others is important.
  10. Face your fears. Fear can be paralyzing. It can stop you from achieving your dreams. Face your fears, lean to take control of your own life and with a little hard work (#1) you will go far.
I hope that when “little Crab” is ready to leave our nest he will look back and see that both his father and I have taught him some important lessons. I know that 18 years old is not the time you see everything your parents tried to do for you. It’s takes a few years of being on your own before you see exactly what they were talking about. With these skills I think any child will thrive in today's world. 

XO Erica

My name is Erica and I am a  wife to an Alaskan Fisherman who also works in a Gold mine (Aka “Big Daddy Crab”) and a mother to a “Little Crab”. We live in Juneau, Alaska. I share stories of our life in Alaska, inspiration for other mothers and tales of Life, Love and Adventure over at We Three Crabs. (


Thank you so much Erica! I loved everything you shared. These are amazing qualities we should be instilling in our young boys. Thank you so much for sharing. Don't forget to check Erica out over on her blog We Three Crabs. She's amazing! 

XO Danielle

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  1. I have something I would like to add but I will understand if you choose not to publish/ remove my comment.
    I work for a charity in the Uk who works with survivors of sexual violence so I would like to add "Always be sure you have enthusiastic consent"
    I realise that this is not especially family friendly and may not fit here on your blog so, like I say no worries if you remove/don't publish but I do think it is such an important thing that we need to discuss with our sons.


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