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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Top Tips For Making Your Garden Attractive

Top Tips for Making Your Garden Attractive

This is a guest post by Candice Hubbard

Once you've had your garden designed and landscaped you will want to put some extra touches on it in order to broaden its appeal and make it more attractive. You don't need the help of an arborist. Here are some suggestions for doing it DIY:

Arbors and Arches

If you have these placed in just the right area of your garden they can add a touch of elegance and beauty that is absolute perfection.

Now don't worry. You won't require the assistance of any tree services companies to create an absolutely breathtaking effect.

One of the tricks to giving your garden dramatic appeal is create an arch as then entrance to the garden. The project isn't really expensive at all and it's not even as difficult as you probably imagine.

Before you decide that you want an arbor, only to realize that your garden is too small for one, think again. Nowadays landscapers recommend arbors for small gardens all the time.

Top Tips for Making Your Garden Attractive
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Add Character and Flair

You don't need an arborist to tell you that any garden that expects to hold people's interest must have character to it. What you can do to enhance your garden without breaking the bank is to add some items like birdhouses, a trellis or two, hanging baskets, etc. These items will not add some color and flair to your garden, but they will serve as a reflection on who you are as well. Your taste, your sense of what a garden should be.


Potted plants can provide you with another unique way to be creative and to add color and excitement to your garden. It's all in how you use them. You can have a whole lot of colored pots scattered about, or you can go for the uniformed colored look. You can achieve this look by painting the pots by hand in your favorite color.

Top Tips for Making Your Garden Attractive
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You don't need special tree service companies coming in to give your garden that extra something that will make people go, "Ahh!" when they see it. Just go with a water fountain. A fountain is one of the most magical ways to add something special to your garden. They are relaxing both to look at and to listen to. If you want to go the extra mile you can even plant some flowers around it in bright and cheerful colors.
Top Tips for Making Your Garden Attractive
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While they certainly aren't as hypnotic as a fountain, everything from statues of gnomes to reflecting balls can combine in their own special way to add beauty and distinctive style to your garden. Have fun decorating with these items. Just be careful not to overdo it and you will be fine.

Top Tips for Making Your Garden Attractive
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Add a few light fixtures to your garden and then stand back and admire the amazing change they will make. Not only will they turn your landscape into a vision of loveliness, but they also have the added advantage of increasing the security of your home, because they will eliminate shadows giving intruders nowhere to hide while they try to get near to your home.

Top Tips for Making Your Garden Attractive
 Lights found HERE


Candice Hubbard is an arborist in Sydney, and works for tree services in SydneyHer reputation is excellent and she is well known as an expert on these topics who writes about them often.

I love all of these fantastic ideas Candace. I will definitely be using some of these as I continue to spruce up my yard. Thanks so much for sharing!

XO Danielle

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