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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dear Anonymous....

 Dear Anonymous....

Dear Anonymous,

I wanted to let you know that I am a busy mama. A mama who has a lot of things to do throughout the day, just as I assume you do too. I blog because it is something I feel passionate is something I feel called to do. I sometimes have punctuation errors in my posts and hey I may even misspell a word or two...or five....(I am sure you will find many in this post alone), but that does not mean you get to tell me I am a "horror for teaching my children at home". It does not mean you get to tell me my "children will be screwed up because of me". Didn't you ever learn that if you don't have something nice to way, it is better to not say anything at all? I am human and I make mistakes, but that does not make me a bad Mom. I really don't appreciate you saying that. Your words hurt. You write your comment, somehow feeling better about yourself after you do so, and I am left feeling like crap. I am a sensitive daughter of God, who doesn't appreciate being put down like that. I would NOT do it to you, so please don't do it to me. I don't have an editor, meaning I don't have someone proof reading everything I write. Remember I said I was a Mom? Well that takes up most of my day. I blog for a hobby. A hobby that has been blessing others as they learn to live within their means. I do have errors and I don't mind when they are pointed out, in fact I appreciate it, so then I can fix them in my posts. So it is not that you pointed out I misspelled something, it is the way you did it. Again I am not a bad Mom because I misspelled a word. Please remember that.

Oh and in regards to my Freezer Food post, which you felt very compelled to leave your thoughts on in the comments and in emails, I have a few thoughts for you...

I often don't post about exactly what I buy at the grocery store. Why? Well because everyone wants to get their 2 cents in and sometimes it is not kind. I know that some of you were quite "Passionate" about your views on my freezer food post and I have a few things to say. I appreciate when you all comment because I believe that through our words we can uplift and inspire one another. That is why blogs are so amazing. They give people a voice to share a message with others from all over the world. I share the message of frugal living. We are all in different seasons of life, different income levels, and different levels of frugal living experience. Because of that, I try to show all sides of frugal living.

For some, who may not want to cook or don't know how, they may choose to serve freezer meals to their families. I use to be that way. When I didn't know how to cook, I started out with quick freezer meals. It was a simple way for me to still take control of our finances and save money. I paired those freezer meals with vegetables and fruits. My family was getting a healthy meal. Could it have been better? Sure, but I was using the tools I had at the time.

Others may choose those meals because that is what they can afford at the time. I have been there. There was a time when I wasn't sure how I would be able to feed my family. At the time I wasn't thinking about GMO or preservatives. What I was thinking about was feeding that family of mine food that would fill their tummy. I think it is always important to be aware of this when we are commenting. We are all different and we all have our own ways to save. I believe in sharing that, but I do not believe in putting someone down because you don't agree with something they do. I am going to start sharing what I buy, so you can get tips on what will work for your family. I am not telling you to buy exactly this, but what I am doing is giving ideas. I am showing what works for my family, so please be kind in the comments. I don't like feeling like I cannot blog about certain things for fear of rude comments. I am not a bad Mom because I give my family freezer foods. We all have moments where life gets crazy and we need a back up. That is what my freezer post was about. It is was about having a back up in your freezer, so you don't go to the drive thru. For those of you that said fast food would have been better than the freezer food, I strongly disagree, and that's ok. We don't have to agree, but we can be kind in the way that we share that.

Why did I decide to write this post? Well because those rude words that Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous left, hurt. They make me want to turn comments off of this blog because frankly feeling like crud, when you put so much time into something, sucks...big time. I spend all of my free time on this blog, writing, editing, and putting posts together for you. I love this hobby. I feel so passionate about it and know this is where God wants me to be, but I am human and I do have flaws and short comings. Having them pointed out everyday is not cool.

For those of you that came to my defense, thank you. You are all amazing and make me so happy to have you as readers. Now this post is not a Dear Anonymous bashing post. It is just a reminder that in my little piece of the web, I want encouragement. I want consideration. I want us to encourage each other to be our best selves.

I hope you can see that this post is written from a heavy heart. A heart that has been hurting and had a hard time working on this blog this weekend. A heart that truly loves all of you. I have never met you, but have gotten to know you through this blog and I am thankful for every single moment. I love hearing the small changes you are making in your own lives. I love celebrating those victories with you.

You make this blog worth it!

So again please do not get mixed up and think I do not appreciate you because I do immensely. I appreciate every word, but I could do without the Danielle bashing please. Pretty please:) My heart would feel a whole lot better.

Know that I appreciate every single one of you, even dear Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous :)

XO Danielle

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