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Saturday, August 2, 2014

DIY Level Storage Rack

DIY Level Storage Rack  on Blissgul & Domestic 

Hi everyone! I'm Olivia from DIY Mother. Danielle has been sweet enough to let me join you today and share one of my super easy DIY tutorials with you. Most of the time, I get my DIY inspiration from perusing my garage, yard sales, and big box store closeouts. I have three rules when it comes to DIY projects: it needs to be 100% unique, a “knockoff” of something more expensive, or within my DIY-ability. If my project doesn’t fit those rules, I buy new. It’s my way of not turning my entire house into one giant DIY project. So when I saw a piece of carpet trim on clearance, I knew I could turn it into a pain-free, 100% unique project. Since my brother-in-law's birthday is coming up, I decided to use it to finally make him a level storage rack for his garage/workstation. I genuinely like the way this little 1-hour project turned out, and I know that my brother-in-law will think it's cool.

IMG_3656 (1280x852)  

Materials: Wood mount Level (a vintage one would be AWESOME) Screws Drill Mini S hooks Stain (optional) I found a 3-ft. long piece of wood that was already sanded, with 4 holes (evenly spaced) in the flooring section. Perfect for DIY projects. I think it's called carpet trim, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd poke around here. Basically, I didn’t have to sand and measure the holes for mounting the level. Olivia: 1, Project: 0. I stained it and it was ready to go.

 IMG_3660 (1280x853) 

I screwed the screws into the pre-cut holes using a screwdriver.

 IMG_3663 (1280x853)

I left the wood to dry and then drilled some holes in the bottom of the level, to hang some S-hooks from. I wanted my husband to be able to take the level and use it if he ever lost his fancy one, so I didn’t attach it to the wood board. Instead, I hung the level from the screws in the board. It worked out pretty well.

 IMG_3675 (1280x853) 

My original plan was to hang some over-sized S-hooks, but I settled for some understated smaller ones. I haven't given it to him, so I'll update when it's actually in his workstation. Until then, here are some "final" pictures...

IMG_3686 (1280x774)

IMG_3692 (1280x795)

IMG_3698 (1280x847)


Thank you so much Olivia! What a cool project! Check Olivia out on her blog and see what she is up to on the craft front! She's on Twitter too! I am loving her mid-century address plaque. Too fun!

XO Danielle
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  1. This storage place is great to store your excess items, whichever they may be. Whether your storing your winter items and exchanging them for summer items, everything will be safe and clean.
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  2. I love the idea of building your own storage rack. You make it look so easy. I have tried to make my own storage rack but I epically failed. Thanks for the step by step pictures and instructions on how to build your own storage rack. storage units

  3. I love finding things like this because I like to keep a lot of my storage around me. I only use the storage unit for bigger things that are only needed during one time of the year. One example of something I keep in the storage unit are Christmas stuff and other decorations. They really are only used then and after Christmas they go back into storage.

  4. It's a cute project I think although I think keeping the leveler in the storage to use for other DIY projects would be a good move too! Haha! You really never know when you need to make sure something is balanced in the Gold Coast!

  5. I love this easy idea of creating storage where there currently isn't any. There are so many places in my home that are above the floor that can be used as storage space. I just need to find the right sort of shelving or cabinetry that I can install along the wall.


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