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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Save $$$ on Your Cell Phone Now with Sprint Family Share Pack

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Good morning lovelies! Are you ready for today's post? I know I am! Let's get started...

We all have them right? Those perfect rectangles that fit into our hand, keep us connected with our friends, and are pretty much our lifeline to the world. Yep, I am talking about our cell phones. We started with those big bricks, that we all associate with Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell. Oh boy would Zach Morris be surprised with how far those phones have come! We all have cell phones. We live in a world full of fast paced technology. In this world, we want to keep up and have phones that not only fit our life style, but our budget as well. Today I am going to tell you about the new best deal in data.

Sprint just announced that they are starting a new phone plan that will benefit all of us busy families out there. It is called the Family Share Pack – a new shared-data plan that offers double the high-speed data at a lower price than AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Using this plan, a family would get up to 10 lines, 20GB of Shared Data, and Unlimited Talk & Text for only $100 a month 

For a family of four, that’s a savings of $60 per month! That's much better than AT&T’s and Verizon’s current pricing through 2015. You would get double the data of Verizon and more than double the high-speed data of AT&T and T-Mobile.  

It doesn’t matter if your family is 3, 5, or 10 people, you will get at least 20 GB of shared data and your monthly charge will be $100 

You can find the full details here:…  

For customers who bring their number and activate on the Sprint Family Share Pack, Sprint will buy out their families’ contracts with a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $350. 

Sprint’s new plan offers the best value for data-hungry consumers, making it simple, easy and affordable to get what they want out of their wireless plan.

Why did I want to share this with you today? Well because I believe in sharing different ways you all can save. For some, we get comfortable with our cell phones providers, not really taking account of whether we are actually getting a plan that fits our budget or not. I encourage you to shop around. Make sure that your current plan, fits your current budget. Make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. If you do this, you will be able to save your family money and get the most from your cell phone :) 

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How will you benefit from this plan? 

No matter what you do, always look and see if your current cell phone provider works for you and your budget. You never know what money you could be saving, if you never shop around :)

XO Danielle

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1 comment:

  1. My husband I have resisted cell phones as much as possible. We are retired and never had one until about a year ago. He is disabled and we were driving out of town a lot to see about my sick Mother, and decided we needed one for emergencies. We were determined we would have one without having another bill! (We have no intention of giving up our land line.)

    He bought a Trac Phone that came with double minutes for the life of the phone. It cost seven dollars. About every two or three months, he buys a card of minutes for twenty dollars that gives twice as many minutes as it says on the card. We always have more minutes than we need. We share this one phone. It is plugged into its charger and left on the table where we leave our keys. If one of us goes out alone, we take it. We carry it when we go somewhere together. The cost is negligible, maybe seven dollars a month!

    This phone is strictly for making phone calls, period. We take pictures with cameras. We do our banking at the bank. We use our computer at our desk. When visiting with friends or dining out with each other, we give those with us our full attention. The phone is never seen. If it is absolutely necessary to use the phone, we go to an out of the way spot and speak quietly. We drive with both hands on the wheel and the phone out of sight and reach.

    One reason we have hated the idea of owning a cell phone so much is the deplorable way they have changed peoples' behavior for the worse.


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