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Monday, September 29, 2014

Monthly Shopping: Saving at Winco

Monthly Shopping: Saving at Winco
Good morning lovelies! Today I wanted to share how my last grocery trip for this month went. I took this trip the first week of September. This month I ended up only going to Smith's for the case lot sale and to Winco. I had plans to go to Costco too, but the day I was shopping at Winco, it started pouring and I didn't feel like braving the rain enough to hit another store. I ended up getting my milk and sour cream from Winco and waiting on the rest till next month.

Ready for the break down of what I bought?

Let's get to it!

Winco Grocery Haul Break Down

Bagels- I love to have a few of these stashed in the freezer for a quick morning breakfast. I'd love to be able to always make these homemade, but realistically I don't have the time. Because of that, I try to find these for under $2. This month I bought 3 packages of bagels.

Hotdog and Hamburger Buns- When I can find these for under $1 I buy them, rather than make them. These were on sale for 88 cents a piece. I store these in the freezer and take them out in the morning to thaw before needing them at dinner time. I thaw my bread on the counter :)

Napkins- these are such a sanity saver! Kids are messy and napkins save this mama a bit of stress from little messes. I buy the generic brand. I usually buy two packages at a time. One for the month and one as a backup in our pantry. This helps me to always have napkins in stock. I snagged these for $1.98 each.

Plastic Baggies- I buy plastics bags every three months. I like to have them in sandwich size and gallon size. We use these for storing leftovers in the fridge and for storing bread. These are great to recycle. If a bag didn't hold raw meat, then I clean the bag and reuse it. I usually try to reuse a plastic bag two or three times. I clean them with regular dish soap and dry them on my drying rack. Reusing bags is a great way to stretch your grocery budget and recycle as well! I also have plastic Tupperware that I reuse as well for leftovers. I bought two gallon size boxes for $2.79 each. Each box holds 35 baggies. That means I will spend $1.86 per month on gallon size bags.

Milk- This month I only had to buy 5 gallons of milk. I still had two gallons leftover from last month. Milk was $2.97 at Winco. I usually like to get it a bit less, but since I didn't want to continue shopping in the rain, when flash flood warnings were a go for my county, I decided to just get our milk from Winco this month. 

Frozen Blueberries and Strawberries- We had completely run out of frozen fruit. We use these in smoothies, muffins, on top of pancakes and waffles, or as a yummy snack. The kids love eating frozen blueberries. I buy frozen fruit every few months. A big bag will last us quite a while. These bags I scored for under $7 each!

Frozen Chicken Tenders- I buy my chicken tenders or breasts in the bag. I try to buy only when the price makes it less than $1.99/lb. In general I don't want to pay over two dollars for any meat, no matter the type. This bag of chicken was $5.98. That makes the three pound bag of chicken $1.99 per pound. I only bought one bag, since I still had some chicken leftover from last month.

Frozen Corn Dogs- Here is one of those things I buy to keep my family out of the drive thru. Sometimes I am tired or the day just gets away from me. When that happens, I like to have a few frozen options in the freezer to make dinner prep a bit easier. These corn dogs will last us about two months. At $9.98 for a box of 36, I will be spending just 28 cents per hot dog. For my family of four, we would eat 7 corn dogs at a meal and only spend $1.98. Add a fruit and you will be spending less than running down to your local golden arches when dinner doesn't turn out the way you want. Never under estimate having a few frozen items to help you on those crazy busy days.

Sharp Cheddar Block- Hubby is quite a cheese snob. He will only eat Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Because of that, I try to buy him a block of Sharp Cheddar Cheese each month. He is always happy when I do:)

Vanilla Wafers- We haven't bought these in a while, but my kids are always asking for them. When I saw Winco had the generic brand for only $1.32 a box, I decided to get two boxes to surprise the kids. They were very excited!

Frozen Steak Fries- These are a great item to have in your freezer. They make for a quick meal. Top cooked fries with chili and cheese for a yummy chili cheese fries meal or pair them with a yummy burger or hot dog and have a complete meal (don't forget to add a fruit or veggie too to make it well rounded).

Margarine Sticks- I was running low on baking margarine, so bought a few to keep my stock up. Fall baking will be under way next month and I cannot wait!

Refrigerator Crescents and Refrigerator Biscuits- I typically make these from scratch, but there is something about these store bought versions. They are delicious. I bought these and the biscuits as a treat for the family. They were excited.

Frozen Tater Tots- We have been watching The Duggars on Netflix. In one of the episodes they talked about their yummy tater tot casserole. Keagan has been wanting to try it ever since. I bought these tots, so we could try it ourselves. It was really good!

Frozen Fish Fillets- Since it was pouring outside and it was getting close to dinner time, I knew my family would be starving when we got home and put the groceries away. I grabbed a quick meal to keep the red head's tummies from making the whines come out. These were quick to make and we added some veggies and fruit to make it a meal.

Hash Brown Patties- We love these with a Sunday breakfast. These hash brown patties are just like McDonald's, but cost half the price. I got a package of hash brown patties for 98 cents. There were 10 in the package. That makes each hash brown less than 10 cents a piece!

Valencia Hot Sauce- Hubby is a hot sauce aficionado. He loves trying different hot sauces. He recently had some Valencia hot sauce at a church dinner and decided he needed some too. He is loving it! My man loves his hot sauce. 

Pickles- I've mentioned it before that the boys love pickles in our house. I bought another four jars to last the boys the month.

Deli Meat- We were completely out of deli meat, so I bought two packs. They were each $3.98 each. I try to keep deli meat under $4/lb. If you combine coupons, than you will get even more savings!

Chicken Fryer Two Pack- I love cooking chicken fryers in the crockpot. They are so yummy and we get a few dinners from the meat.

Pork Stew Meat and Roast- There were quite a few pork roasts and pork stew meat on sale. I snagged a few to stock up my freezer. I was completely out of pork. This was not a planned purchase, but a pleasant surprise that I was able to fit into the budget.

Lemon Juice- I try to have about four of these in my pantry. I love to add lemon to my water and we love homemade lemonade. Keeping these in stock allows us two have both anytime we want :)

Kitchen Tongs- Mine broke and after hubby tried repairing them twice, I decided to pick up a pair.

Noodle Bowls- These are Hubby's wish list item. I try to get him a few each month. He could eat these everyday, if our budget allowed. I ended up getting 50 cents off using my Checkout 51 app. Have you all tried that? It is pretty neat!

Yogurt- Yogurt cups didn't fit into the budget this month, so I bought t

Fruit and Vegetables- cilantro, corn on the cob, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, cabbage, apples, bananas, pears, peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, carrots, zucchini, green bell pepper, cucumbers

Instant Jello (pistachio)- We love instant pudding. Chocolate is my favorite, while pistachio is Hubby's. I was originally going to stock up on this, but I put them back when I saw the pork on sale. I ended up only getting one box of pistachio for the Hubbs. I do this often if I see an unplanned sale, that my family needs to stock up on. I weigh it out in my head and see which deal I want more. This month I wanted the meat. I knew I could get pudding next month, so back on the shelf it went.

Otter Pops- Hubby and the kids love these. They are a summer staple here in the 100+ heat.

Eggs- 5 dozen- We love eggs and eat  a lot of them. Five dozen lasts my family a little over a month.

Monthly Shopping: Saving at Winco

I also purchased a few toiletries as well on this shopping trip. We were running low on toilet paper, shampoo, and body wash. I bought a few of each in the store brand, Suave, and White Rain brands. They are the cheapest and fit the best into our small toiletry budget right now. I always buy the cheaper stuff for the kiddos to use (I'll have to share how we budget for this stuff in another post).

Winco Shopping Total: $211.04

Total for the month: $441.27

I added both of my shopping totals for this month and then subtracted our toiletries and paper goods that I bought.

How are you guys gearing up for a new month of shopping? I am planning to go this weekend.

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XO Danielle

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  1. When you make the Duggar family recipe would you do a review? I've eyed that one before.

  2. I love these shopping posts! Can't wait for your October ones :)

  3. You did a great job on your shopping trip. Sorry it rained that shopping day. Sure makes it hard,ha
    I make the potato tot casserole all the time.. We love it.. and you can change it up and add different
    ingrediants ..
    thank you so much for sharing your savings.. It has really helped me.


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