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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sands Alive Busy Box

Sands Alive Busy Box

Morning Lovelies! I don't know about you, but sometimes this Mama has a hard time getting up in the morning. There are some mornings where all I want to do is hit that snooze button for the third......ok let's be real.....the fifth time. When mornings like that happen and I get myself an extra twenty minutes of sleep, I usually wake up to red heads grumbling at each other or whining. Aren't those the sounds every mother wants to wake up to? oh yeah that's right. No one really wants to wake up to the sound of grumbling, whining kids. It kind of makes you cringe.

Sands Alive Busy Box

Recently Joann Fabric and Craft Store sent me a few packages of Sands Alive to review. I was super excited about this review. My children had seen this at the craft store and had been begging me to get it. When I told them we were going to get some in the mail, they were all kinds of giddy. When the package arrived in the mail, the giddiness went up to a whole new level. They couldn't wait to try this stuff out!

It is super cool people! It is so fun to squish, mix, and create with this stuff. After I was finished playing with it, I let the littles try it joke:) It reminds me of moon dough, but way better. It doesn't crumble into tiny pieces, which makes this mama happy. Less crumbling, means less sweeping for me afterwards. Sands Alive has a soft texture like cookie dough, but is dry to the touch. You can literally bring the beach inside with this stuff!

Sands Alive Busy Box

Mold it into hard, durable shapes, and with a soft touch, it breaks apart and appears to move, almost as if it were alive! Super cool!

For my package of Sands Alive, I wanted to put something together that was simple and easy...oh and that the kids would enjoy. I have seen many fun projects on Pinterest using Sands Alive. I love all the sensory and motor skill ideas I've seen on there. Going off of this idea, I decided to make a busy box for my red heads.

I looked around my house at what could go in my busy box. I came up with some fun cookies cutters, plastic spoons and knifes for cutting and scooping, and I had two Sands Alive trays for creating in. To make your own busy box, just look around your house at what your kids could use to create with. Rollers, molds, cookie cutters, plastic utensils, bowls, and mini toys are all great things to create with. You can also write in the sand, which is great for practicing letters and words for school play.

I like to keep the busy box simple, so it allows them to really use their imagination. Right now I hear sound affects and little descriptions of the great things the are creating (they are playing with it as I type)!

Sands Alive Busy Box

Sands Alive Busy Box

We have our busy box out on the table, so when littles get up in the morning they have something to keep their hands busy. It is so neat seeing their little minds create and pretend!

Have you guys tried Sands Alive? How do you make it fun for your littles?

XO Danielle
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  1. What a fun idea.. Know the kids like this.
    And yes...I have been known to hit that snoozer a few times


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