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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Budgeting 101 Videos: Laying a Financial Foundation

Budgeting 101 Videos: Laying a Financial Foundation  Learning to Live a Beautiful Life on Less

Hello Lovelies!! I was so excited when you all asked for videos relating to my budgeting class that I am currently teaching in Henderson (you can find more about it on my personal Facebook page if you live in the area). This budgeting class is taking place over an 8 week period. It is a FREE class and has been so fun! I love to see how it is helping people learn how to stretch their family's budget further. All the positive feedback has been very encouraging (thanks so much)! I have received a few requests from readers about having a budgeting class in their area. Right now I offer classes to people who live in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. If you live in this area and would like me to come teach a finance class for your church group or at your community center, let me know. I would love to come and offer a FREE class. Anything further than that would cost a small traveling. If you live elsewhere in the United States and would like me to come talk at your next function, send me an email ( I would love to chat about the details and how to make it work :) You lovelies are seriously amazing and I am so thankful for all the love and support you offer me. You seriously rock!

I truly love doing these classes and videos for you all. The more I can share my story about living on a budget the better:) It seriously makes me so happy! 

On another note, yesterday was the boy's birthday. He turned 10! What! How is that even possible? I mean seriously people! How is it that my red headed baby boy is already 10!? I guess I can't still say I am only 23...unless I had my son at age 13...which I did not...gaw!...I will have to start telling the truth where my age is concerned...just kidding I always tell my true age ::wink wink::

I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well! Today I have another video goodies for you. I have the first video in my Budgeting 101 series live on my youtube channel today. Hubby was such a sweet encouragement this weekend entertaining the kiddos, so I could edit this video for you and get it on my youtube channel. I have decided to keep that man :) He is seriously the best! So hop on over to my channel to check out my money saving videos or watch the video here, either way you are sure to be inspired with more tips and tricks to save your family money:)

You can find the handout that goes with this video HERE. This is the very same handout I use in my budgeting class. It has plenty of space for taking notes and writing down your own ideas as you go through the video:)

*Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to my youtube channel. I now have over 900 subscribers! You guys are awesome!

XO Danielle
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  1. Preach on sister! Haha....Great way to start my morning! Now can you do one on how not to procrastinate on homework? ;)

  2. You're a rock star! It's always good to hear others being frugal in a world that tells us to be different!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I am a stay at home mom who is trying to learn how to live on one income. I have to admit, I keep spending money like I am still working which is getting us into more and more financial trouble. I really enjoyed your video and look forward to living these principles. I don't need to shop Target Clearance! (What do I really need from there anyway?) Thank you again and I look forward to seeing the other videos!

  4. Thank you for posting this!! I was so bummed that I am too far away to attend your class. Your tips are so helpful and I can't wait to learn more! :)

  5. How do you deal when you just really, really, really just want to go shopping at Target, etc., but you don't need anything? How do you distract yourself and avoid going? What if you just really need to get out of the house because you're getting house happy, but don't have any extra money to spend on anything fun?

  6. Love It when you post on finances Danielle! There is such a HUGE need for that out there! Bless you!

  7. Wonderful video and so encouraging! I have many friends who need to hear this! Thanks so much for sharing at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party! I'm a new follower now!


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