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Friday, October 31, 2014

Costco Shopping Trip- Granola Bars, Canned Chicken, Humus, and More!

Costco Shopping Trip- Granola Bars, Canned Chicken, Humus, and More!

Good morning Lovelies and Happy Halloween! We have a fun day with Nana and Papa planned. Then we have an evening of binge watching Harry Potter, carving a pumpkin, and eating our fill of 50 cent corndogs from Sonic on the agenda. It is going to be an epic night!

Before all the Halloween fun begins, I am here to share another grocery post! I wrote my grocery posts that went live this week on Sunday night...errr....early Monday morning....see what I do for you lovelies....I forgo sleep, so I can make sure there are new posts here for you sweet readers. I was also catching up on some Netflix movies as well (I just watched "Finding Normal" with Candace Cameron Bure- it was pretty good) I mean I can't completely play the victim. To be honest I love late night blog sessions. All is quite in the house and it is just me, the computer, and Netflix. It makes for a pretty great night. I told ya ladies! I am passionate about this budgeting stuff, so I happily give up a few hours of sleep, if it means I can share more with y'all. I'm hooked what can I tell ya? :)

Back to the grocery shopping though.....I went to Costco for our normal Costco run early in the month. I somehow lost my receipt though in that piece of luggage I call a purse. Who knows what happened to my receipt! Since I have no receipt, I can't tell you what I paid for things, but I can tell you what I bought and a few tips and tricks to go along with the items. In  addition to the items listed below, I purchased some mayo, fruits, and veggies....hmmm......Oh and some humus too! Hubby and I just recently have gotten into humus. The whole family has been enjoying trying new recipes and such with it (if have some recommendations....share away). Yum! Yum!

Costco Shopping Trip- Granola Bars, Canned Chicken, Humus, and More!

Costco Shopping Trip- Granola Bars, Canned Chicken, Humus, and More!

Costco Shopping Trip- Granola Bars, Canned Chicken, Humus, and More!

Costco Shopping Trip- Granola Bars, Canned Chicken, Humus, and More!

Here's the rundown of what we bought from Costco this month:)

Tortillas- I purchase these every other month it seems, depending on what meals I have planned. These come in a two pack. One pack goes in the fridge and the other into the freezer. Tortillas freeze great! When you are ready to eat them, thaw them on the counter or in your fridge over night:) WE love these for a quick lunch of quesdillas. Have you ever put pepperoni on your quesdillas? Try it. It will blow your mind. Kaboosh!

Shredded Cheese- I was completely out of Shredded Cheese, so this was a must for my shopping trip this month. I have debated between buying the blocks and shredding them myself, but it is cheaper and less time consuming to buy the pre-shredded cheese. I buy the Cheddar shredded cheese in the two packs from Costco. One pack will go into my fridge to use throughout the month and the other one will go into my freezer. These two packs cost around $15, but will last me two months. That means I only pay $7.50/ month for cheese. That is quite a deal!

Yogurt- Now onto the yogurts. If you are not a fan of Go-Gurts, that is ok with me, don't buy them. I however love them and they are made with no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup (it says so on the box ::insert smiley face::). My kids love these for a snack! I didn't have it in my budget to get yogurt cups this month, so I had to leave those on the shelf.

String Cheese- String cheese is a must in our house. I buy it in the mega pack from Costco, so then we have a month supply. The cheese will usually only last about three weeks. The last week of the month, we go without string cheese.

American Cheese Singles- This box was on sale for under $7 and will last for 2-3 months in our fridge. I always look at the price and how far it will stretch. This was a great buy. This means we pay about $2.33/month for sliced cheese. Whatever brand of cheese you buy, see how far it will stretch for your family. Figuring out the math always helps me in knowing if it really is a good deal or not. 

Granola Bars- I love to make these homemade, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with the demand in my house. Hubby can eat these 6 at a time. I have no clue where he puts it. He eats like a horse. Heaven help me when Keagan is going through his teenage growth spurts. I have no clue how I will feed him, if he eats like his dad. This month I bought one box of granola bars. One box was $8.99, making each bar only 14 cents. Not too bad!

Bacon Crumbles- We love these! They are prepackaged bacon bits, but they're soft.....Not hard like the ones found in the bottle. These are great to throw into salads, onto pizza, and into casseroles. They make for an easy, quick meal. These last about 2 months. These are $11 a bag, so they are a splurge item, but one that I really like :)

Crispy Fried Onions- It is almost turkey time, which means a lot of green bean casserole for this family. I love buying the big bag of fried onions around Fall time. It lasts us throughout the holidays and are so yummy in casseroles. I love to put them in hash brown casserole too! Oh so yummy! 

Canned Chicken- This is a staple in our pantry. I love having these for chicken salad and for quick meals. Having a few items in your pantry that allow you to throw a meal together in a matter of minutes is a great way to keep your family out of the drive-thru :) We love to throw a can of chicken, 2 cans of refried beans, and a can of green chiles in the crock-pot. Cook 4 hours and serve over tortilla chips. It makes an easy meal of nachos! Perfect for Sunday!

Chocolate Chips- These were on sale this month at Costco, so I was even more excited to get our standard bag of chocolate chips. We go through about one bag every month or so, depending on how much I bake. Buying these in bulk is a great way to save money!

Applesauce- We love applesauce and it makes for an easy snack for the red heads. I was completely out, so we needed to stock up! 

Whipping Cream- I buy a carton of this every month. I use it to make homemade whipped cream and butter.

Oreos- I never buy these things...mainly because I become a real life cookie monster when these things are around! No joke people! They were on sale for $5.89. I snagged a box of these as a treat for the hubby. Thankfully I was able to keep them away from me, so I didn't gobble them up all in one sitting:) These are perfect for making fall treats too!

What sales are you hitting this week?

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Don't forget that it is 50 cent corndog day at Sonic!

50 cent corndog day at Sonic Halloween 2014
XO Danielle

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