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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Don't Blink...

Yesterday evening I was searching through pictures and I got sidetracked.....I got sidetracked as I was working on a chapter in my book. I started browsing through old pictures, from a few years ago, and the song "Don't Blink" came to mind. This song always makes me cry. We used it in my father-in-laws funeral slide show. It always makes me think of how truly fast this life can go by. It honestly only seems like yesterday Hubby and I brought Keagan home from the hospital. We were newbies..unsure of what we were doing.....but we were so in love with this precious gift from God that we held in our arms. He weighed 8 lbs 12 oz and had a nice set of red fuzz on his head. I couldn't believe he was ours. Then two and a half years later we brought home Miss Priss. Another read head, who weighed 8 lbs 5oz. She was three weeks early and let me know right then and there that she would be a free spirit...doing things on her own time table. These red heads made me a Mom. They started a new chapter in my life. These thoughts struck me as a I was writing. I was thinking of all that has happened in my life that has lead me to where I am right now......and how thankful I am for every single moment God has given me. The good, the bad, the heart break, and the joy....I am very thankful for the joy...... I know that through it all He was teaching myself and Hubby.....He was loving on us too.

I am thankful for little moments....moments that remind me how blessed we truly are to be here on the earth at this time. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to write and create every single day. I am thankful for you and for this blog.

I pray today we will be thankful. Thankful for whatever we are going through...the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. Remember that through it all, God is making us into what He knows we can become. I know that all the heartache I have endured, all the sadness, and all the joy and happiness has been for my own good. He is molding me into what He knows I can become.

Thank you for your love and encouragement. You truly are a blessing to me. I pray your week is a good one.

God Bless :)

Oh and can we take a look at those pictures above! When did my littles get so big. I really need to stop blinking! :)

XO Danielle


  1. I totally love and understand your post. Just sent my "baby" on a mission last week. You are awesome. I love your blog (and you videos always make me smile).

  2. Danielle, what a beautiful post.. and what beautiful/sweet littles you have.. You are so right.. Don't blink-- because it goes so quickly.
    My two sweet beautiful babies are all grown up.. [I can still see those sweet little babies, seems like yesterday].. Our oldest, is now a high school history teacher and gave us 2 beautiful granddaughters, Our youngest, a Baptist preacher, gave us twin granddaughters and our only grandson. THese grandkids are so special.. but I still miss my babies ,ha. God is awesome, He leads us, and teaches us along the paths of life. What an awesome God we serve... Thank you for this blog..I am totally enjoying it.
    My email is [I couldn't find your on here??]Anyway, I made your buttermilk bread recipe, and I need to ask you a question about the recipe.. Could you please email me..thanks in advance.. Judy

  3. In our busy world I try to remind myself often that I need to slow down and enjoy my kids because they will be grown before I know it. Thank you for the reminder.


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