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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fashion Inspiration Thursday: Fall Inspired Pieces

Hi lovelies!Today I have been thinking a lot about Fall fashion. The temperatures have not dropped to sweater weather yet here, but you can definitely start layering a bit more now that it is not sweltering outside. Living in the desert does something to a fashionista makes you not want to get dressed...let alone be fashionable. In the summer it gets over 110'. When it is that hot it is just plain stupid. Your makeup melts off like five minutes after you apply matter what you wear you sweat.....and don't even get me started on the hair (frizzy hot mess from the sweat and heat). Because of all of this, I find that my fashion sense suffers in the summer. I feel like summer is a time to just sit in the pool and not look in the mirror to see the hot mess you have become (oh is it just me who does this?), but something happens come October in Las Vegas. It is like my version of spring. All of a sudden you aren't melting the moment you leave your house. You can take a shower and not sweat the moment you get out. It is amazing people! Absolutely magical! When October comes around I feel my fashionista start to wake up. No longer is she dormant, but ready to come out and get dolled up. I get to wear makeup, layer with cardigans, and of course wrap myself up in fun accessories like scarfs and statement necklaces. Fall is kind of my fashion jam lovelies!

With that being said, I knew I wanted to start getting some fashion inspiration together, so that while I thrift and sew this season I have some ideas of things I am wanting to make. This season I am in love with patterned cardigans, graphic tees, statement jewelry, peter pan collars, and fun patterns. I put a few looks together for you all.

Remember that this is just for inspiration. Having inspiration boards allows you to think outside of the box with your own wardrobe. No I am not running off to Modcloth to fill my cart (although wouldn't that be awesome?), but I am going to start looking in my own closet to see how I can recreate these looks. Remember that fashion should be fun and creative. It is a way to express yourself and be unique. Try out Polyvore and look at all the great inspiration that Modcloth has on there (This is not advertisement, I just happen to love this site!) Here are a few looks that I have put together this morning:)

Two Lil' Birds Outfit  Fashion Inspiration Thursday: Fall Inspired Pieces

Long sleeve cardigan / Yellow tank top / High rise skinny jeans / Restricted ballet shoes / Long pendant necklace

Hoot Hoot Inspired Layer Set Fashion Inspiration Thursday: Fall Inspired Pieces

Emily and Fin sun dress / Dittos knit cardigan / Ballet flat / Crossbody handbag / Owl jewelry / Infinity scarve

Weekend Outfit Fashion Inspiration Thursday: Fall Inspired Pieces

To be or Not to Be Fashion Inspiration Thursday: Fall Inspired Pieces

Fun right!? You can see some more great cardigans from Modcloth HERE. I would also love to see what outfits you are putting together and let me know what your Fall Fashion wish list is consisting of. I love hearing about your ideas and inspiration. You are all amazing!!

You can find me on Polyvore HERE.

Have a great day lovelies!! Tomorrow is Halloween! Woot!Woot! We have an outing with Nana and Papa planned and some 50 cent corndogs in the evening (Sonic is celebrating Halloween with 50 cents corndogs). We love it when they do this!!

XO Danielle

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