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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gilcrease Orchard...

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 photo TheOrchard3_zpsb0d90f00.jpg

 photo TheOrchard2_zps381039c1.jpg

Morning lovelies! Today I had a wonderful post written for you. I got up early, wrote it all out for you, and I even included a few jokes...I know can you believe it! I actually included some jokes...but then blogger decided to hate me. I hit published...somehow it thought I hit delete and poof! My post was gone....much to my dismay. I still have a big ole' sad face about the whole thing. 

So instead you get to see some pictures from our recent trip to Gilcrease Orchard. It was such a fun field trip we took with our homeschool co-op group. Anything to get those kids outdoors, burning off energy, is good in my book :)

I am thankful I get to be home with my littles, exploring the wonderful land God has created. There is truly beauty all around us. I hope your day is a fantastic one. If you missed it, be sure to check out my channel. The first of the budgeting series videos is live for you to view. Enjoy Lovelies!

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XO Danielle

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