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Friday, October 3, 2014

Video Tutorial: Price Match at Wal-Mart and SAVE!

Video Tutorial: Price Match at Wal-Mart and SAVE!

Good morning lovelies! I am so excited this morning y'all! Why am I so excited? Well first off, it is Friday! Can I get a woot woot?! Fridays are the best! We do a shorter day of school and then we go and do some kind of fun activity. Today we are going on a hike with our homeschool group. I am not usually an outdoorsy kind of gal, but today I am all in for a fun hike in the outdoors. The weather is beautiful outside, with lower temperatures (hallelujah! Summer is finally leaving this desert I live in!) Second, I am trying out a new recipe for dinner tonight. I'll have to share if it turns out great. Third, Hubby and I just finished season 4 of The Walking Dead....Oh my heck peeps. It is A-MAZING! Seriously! If you are into zombies...or just into really great, sitting on the edge of your seat story lines than try this show. Seriously people!! It has me constantly shocked and wanting more! Oh and last but not least.....I am excited because I have a new video today! Two videos in the past week...I need to give myself a pat on the back. I am staying on top of things this week :) I have a few more videos on the "to edit" list too......Oh and I filmed a bit of the info I shared at my budgeting class. I can't wait to share it with you all.

Today though, I have a video on price matching at Wal-Mart. Have you all tried it? It is a great way to save money, without spending all your time clipping coupons. You can also do both and save even more money! That is what I do! So check out my new video and share it with your friends. I love it when you all do that ::wink wink::

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Have a great Friday Lovelies!! To see pics from our hike, check me out on instagram.

XO Danielle

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