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Monday, October 20, 2014

What Is Up Monday Lovelies! - Zombies, Big Lots, and Reader's Mail
click the picture above or the links below to go to the video :)

Morning Lovelies! I have a new video on my channel for you today. Check it out and see what has been going on with me the past week...there will be talk of zombies, how I started my blog, a reader's email is being answered, and of course there is a Mama rant moment...Just a bit of goodness for you sweet peeps today! Have a fabulous day lovelies!!

I am also over at The Ribbon Retreat today sharing my no sew burlap table runner tutorial. Hop on over and check it out:)

XO Danielle


  1. That table runner is adorable..I just love the chevron ribbon.. Got to have some of that.. I see a Christmas burlap table runner in my future.

  2. I'd be the one who gets very ugly with the woman "you better back up off my kid, or I'mma knock you out" - ROTFL kidding ... kinda
    But not cool about the belly. I have 2 gingers and my son has the short spiky red hair too and he gets comments about his hair all the time. But no one touches or comments on a belly - kid or adult. The belly is off limits. Respect the belly.


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