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Friday, November 21, 2014

Ubisoft: Petz Beach Game Review #PetzBeach #CleverGirls

Ubisoft: Petz Beach Game Review

Hi guys! Today I am sharing a game review with you all. I know that it is holiday shopping season and all of us Mama's are looking for that perfect gift for our littles. Today I am excited to be able to review a new video game that may be on your little ones list this holiday season:) Today I am reviewing Ubisoft's Petz Beach video game for the 3DS.

One thing that my Miss Priss is really into....ok let me stress the REALLY role playing games...ya know those games where you get have a home, live in a village or town, and care for different animals. She loves those! When I informed Miss Priss that Ubisoft Petz Beach would be coming in the mail, she was ecstatic. She had seen the video game preview, during one of her computer turns and couldn't wait to start caring for the animals. She checked the mail almost everyday. Once it arrived she was one happy girl!

Ubisoft: Petz Beach Game Review #PetzBeach #CleverGirls

Her exact words were, "Mom look how cute!". The animals were too stinkin cute! As she continued to play, she learned that not only did she get to take care of cute little cats and dogs, but other animals were involved a certain adorable penguin (her absolute favorite!) There are over 50 different animals from dog to cats, to dolphins and whales! The environment within the game changes with the seasons, so you have fun all year long! In Petz Beach, you can also interact with friends and collect points to allow you to expand your game as you play. Libby loves being able to interact with neighbors in the game!

I have also heard a lot of talk about a zoo. I have been informed by my red heads that you get to buy animals and put them in the zoo. This was a big hit with my kids. As you play the game you are able to unlock different animals to purchase and place in the zoo. You can also go fishing, dig in the sand, go on quests to win prizes, and a whole lot of other things my kids are learning as they play this fun game!

Oh and I can not forget the camera mode. As you care for your animals, you can take pictures. For a little girl that has a 3DS full of selfies, she loved being able to take pictures of her animals friends.

Ubisoft: Petz Beach Game Review #PetzBeach #CleverGirls

It has been so fun seeing my little munchkins enjoy this game. It is rated E for everyone, which make this Mama happy. I love the learning that is involved as well. As your children go on quests, they learn about the different animals they are interacting with. I love being able to sneak that learning into game time! I definitely recommend it!

Now I couldn't end this review without getting a few quotes from the red heads who have been playing the game. Here ya go lovelies.....

Keagan's Review  

"I like it because there are lots of different types of dogs. My favorite part is everything...really everything! It's super cool Mama!"

Libby's Review
"It is awesome! There's Emperor Penguins! I love it!"

From the mouth of Babes. As you can see my 10 year old got in on the action as well. He didn't think he would like it, but his mind has been changed. They now have to take turns with the game.

Ubisoft: Petz Beach Game Review #PetzBeach #CleverGirls

Thank you guys for letting me chat your ear off today about this fun new game, Ubisoft Petz Beach. You can purchase Petz Beach on Amazon. I am eager try our Petz Countryside. It is similar to Petz Beach and has just made it to Miss Priss's Christmas list this year.

Petz Beach and Petz Countryside Product Specifications:
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: October 14, 2014
  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS system
  • Category: Pet Simulation and Adventures
  • Rating: E

What video games are your littles asking for this holiday season?

XO Danielle

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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