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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

Hello lovelies! Today we have a guest post from the always lovely Jamie. Jamie is an Interior Designer who is sharing a few simple ways to creatively display your holiday cards this season:)

What do you do with all those beautiful and thoughtful Christmas cards you receive?? I used to
place them on the mantle, or tape them to the wall. But that can get a little boring. So I have
come up with three creative an inexpensive ways for you!

This first idea is completely free. This is how I displayed my cards last year. 

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

All I did was insert the cards behind the mullions and muntins. There were a couple of problems
with this. For one, when you get a large amount of cards, you can't see out the window anymore.
But the biggest problem is that they would slide down every time we opened the door. I
could have just used some double stick tape to remedy that. But why do things the easy way? The next idea is probably my favorite. I had this beautiful mirror in a white ornate frame. Unfortunately
the mirror broke, but I didn’t have the heart to get rid of the frame.

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

Perfect for a Christmas card display! I found some twine that I had leftover from a yard project
last spring. I just wrapped it around the some little tacks that I attached on the back of the
frame. Then I used little clothes pins to fasten the cards to the twine. In full disclosure I have to
admit I bought these cute little clothes pins. I know I have some from a craft project I did for my
son’s graduation party decorations, but I couldn’t find them anywhere!! So I went to the store to
pick up the exact same ones, but I found these little red glitter ones and I couldn’t resist!!

When using a frame you can hang it on the wall, or lean it against the wall like I did here. I think
I like this second option better. 

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

My third idea is fairly simple and with only found objects (well minus the clothes pins again:)
All I did here was wrap some ribbon around a door. This door is in the foyer, so guests will see
all the cards when they first enter. I used this ribbon as garland on my Christmas tree last year.
Instead of using clothes pins like I did, you could use paper clips. That might help with the
weight issue I was having. You can see the horizontal ribbon is sagging little in the middle. Or
another idea would be to string a smaller ribbon through the cards. Just punch a little hole at
the top and put the ribbon through.

Christmas Card Display Ideas: Using What You Have

How do you display your Christmas cards???

Happy Holidays!

XO Jamie - Check me out on my blog!

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