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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"It is Christmas" 8x10 FREE Print...

Hi there, I’m Kym. I’m a wife, mom to two little boys, knitter, crafter, and lover of 90’s pop culture.
When it comes to decorating for Christmas, my husband and kids are in charge of putting the ornaments all around the house (they do a really good job!) and I am in charge of making the ornaments. Between you and me, if you let me loose in the holiday section of Target with an unlimited amount of money, I’d probably leave with one of everything, and possibly two. I LOVE their colorful, non- traditional decoration, especially when they have a fun, modern flair. But since I don’t have unlimited funds, I started making my own the past few years, and I enjoy the challenge of making the most impact at the lowest cost.
Last year, I made a few Anthropologie-inspired felt garlands out of a mix of bright, crazy colors for about $10. I really liked how festive they looked when draped around the house. We have these old fashioned pencil Santas that my mother-in-law gave us years ago, and we hung the garland right under them on the fireplace mantle. The combination of old and new styles made for a really fun mix.
This year, I decided the mantle also needed some art, so I created this print and I’m really excited to share it with you. I found the quote, “It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you,” and thought it was perfect. I emphasized the words “love others” as that’s the message I try to teach my boys every day.
Now, I used a very basic white wood frame without any kind of mat, because I was going for simple and modern. However, by changing the frame style/ color or adding a mat, you could make some really lovely custom looks. One option is using patterned scrapbook paper as the mat in coordinating colors (use a small pattern, as a small area can’t accommodate a large pattern). Another option would be using a metallic frame. I usually find low cost frames at Michael’s (there are almost always weekly coupons online or in the paper) or I spray paint frames I harvest from garage store paintings.
For best results, be sure to print the file on best quality, and use a good quality paper or photo paper. I hope you love the print!
Download 8x10 HERE
You can connect with me on my blog, Cobberson & Company, where I write about my DIY projects, the highs and lows of being a crafter, and trying to find time to be creative as a working mom.
XO Kym


  1. A Christmas Carol -

  2. Love the print.. Thank you for sharing.
    I love making Christmas decorations.. SO fun.


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