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Thursday, December 4, 2014

November Thrift Haul at Saver's - better late than never - :)

November Saver's Thrift Haul - better late than never - :)

Morning Lovelies! Right before the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to Savers and scored some pretty great deals. I was a good little blogger and filmed my goodies right away and even loaded it onto my laptop.....then Thanksgiving happened and my manuscript needed one last edit before I sent it in, so the video was put on the back burner. Well today I am here to finally share it. The manuscript has been handed in and now I can breath for a few weeks, until edits are to be made yet again. Enjoy the video and excuse the belated Thanksgiving well wishes. I am a bit late, but it is the thought that counts right? :)

XO Danielle


  1. Hi Blissful and Domestic,
    My Mom fashioned us growing up via "My Junk tore" aka the thrift store growing up. My husband and I occasionally patron them too. My job outside of the home is as a group home/long-term residential care manager. One of the issues we face buying used clothing or furniture is the rise of bed bugs in the Arizona area. I follow a protocol in purchasing items from the the thrift store to treat them before they can enter our home. What are you doing to combat this issue or is it not a concern? Thanks for your thoughts, Heather in Phoenix

  2. In my area, everyone gets 25% off on Mondays at Savers. It's the only day I'll shop there, as the prices tend to be higher than Goodwill's. Our donation coupon is only $5 off $25. I can spend hours there searching for treasures. My friends and co-workers have a hard time believing that I buy the majority of our things second hand. We don't "look" the type, I guess, but it's just such a smart way to shop! And it's fun, too. Thanks for sharing these videos!


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