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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oreo Cookie Truffles

Oreo Cookie Truffles

Oreo Cookie Truffles

Today I am sharing another yummy holiday treat. One of my favorite candies has got to be truffles. They are absolutely delicious and oh so chocolately. I remember when my grandparents would send a Russel Stover box of chocolates at Christmas time. I use to search for the truffles. They only put a few in each box, so I wanted to find those truffles before my brother did. I've been thinking a lot about those truffles recently that I use to try to hide from my brother and I decided to make some truffles myself at home. These things are addicting people, which is why they will need to become a holiday special treat, so this mama doesn't eat them all the time....cause seriously lovelies I would. They are that good people! You have been warned :)

They are easy to make and only take a few ingredients. Oh and did I mention they are a crowd pleaser too? Cause they are! These would make a fun gift to give a friend or keep them all for yourself. This is a no judgement zone. Promise:)

Ready to make some Oreo Cookie Truffles?

Let's get to it!

Oreo Cookie Truffles

Oreo Cookie Truffles
36 Oreo cookies
4 oz. cream cheese
colored melting chocolates or semi sweet chocolate chips (about 16 oz.)

Place Oreos in a food processor and crush finely. Next add cream cheese and mix until combined. Reserve 1/4 cup of cookie crumbs for topping. Shape into 1-inch balls. Dip into melted chocolate and place on a baking sheet. To easily dip truffles, use two forks to roll the truffle around in the chocolate. Remove with forks, allowing the chocolate to dip back into the bowl. Place in fridge for 1 hour or until firm. Once firm, store in an air tight container.

Makes 40 truffles

Oreo Cookie Truffles

What treats are you making this week?

XO Danielle

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