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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All You Need is Love 5x5 Print

All You Need is Love 5x7 Print

Hi there, I’m Kym. I’m a wife, mom to two little boys, knitter, crafter, and lover of 90’s pop culture.
For Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to come up with a new print for pairing on the mantle with some of our family photos. Instead of going with big hearts and flowery scrolling fonts, I really wanted something very simple, but bold and fun. What better to fit the criteria of simple, bold, and fun than comic book style?
Comics have a simplicity and innocence that I’ve always been drawn to. One of my favorite childhood memories is reading the comics section of the Sunday paper with my grandmother – there were so many examples of sweet family moments depicted in the different comic strips. Calvin and Hobbes were best friends, the Family Circus parents were always patient with their rambunctious kids, and the close knit family in For Better or Worse always supported each other through whatever life threw at them. In just a few concise panels at a time, the artists conveyed love and family.
I wanted a simple statement for the print, so All You Need is Love immediately came to mind. We played All You Need is Love by The Beatles at the end of our wedding. Yes, they did it in Love Actually, but I swear I had the idea before the movie came out! We went with the original version, because one of my favorite parts of the song is the introduction. The horns are kind of proclaiming, “Hey! Something important is going on here!” It was a perfect way to say here we are as a new married couple.
All You Need is Love 5x7 Print

Anyway, enough about my thought process. Here’s how you can style this little print: I made it a 5x5 so you can either use it as-is in a 5x5 frame, or you can add some coordinating scrapbook paper like I did in the photo to give it a custom look. I used an 8x8 white wood frame from A.C Moore and the scrapbook paper I used was in the clearance section at Target (it was part of a stack of vintage style patterns). I liked the tiny diamond pattern on this sheet because it reminded me of the Ben-Day dots they use in comic books, and it was a nice compliment to the little hearts detailing the word Love. Small patterns will work best behind this print, and a simple black or white frame will pull it all together.
Group some photos of your loved ones and other special treasures with your print (vary the heights to add some interest) and you’re good to go. (P.S. if you’re wondering what those toy robots are doing there in my display, they were our wedding cake topper!)
For best results, be sure to print the file on best quality, and use a good quality paper or photo paper. I hope you love the print!
Connect with me on my blog, Cobberson & Company, where I write about my DIY projects, the highs and lows of being a crafter, and trying to find time to be creative as a working mom.
All You Need is Love 5x7 Print

Download File HERE to Print
XO Kym 


  1. I have noticed that comic style lettering is really BIG right now. It is nice that you have shared away for me to bring a little into my home, just in time for valentines. :)

  2. Such a pretty idea.. Thank you for sharing.


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