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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Freezer Clean Out: January Edition

Freezer Clean Out: January Edition's been a long day can you tell? I'm not even sure what time of day it is haha! The Tuesday Mama struggle is real people! I swear :) We have been busying working on some writing projects and cleaning up our house. Somehow the weekend caused a tornado to run through and we are just now picking up the aftermath.

I do have  a few spare moments though (the kids are having computer turns and I am enjoying this bit of quiet me time), so I wanted to share my freezer clean out for this month. I have a freezer chest and a fridge/freezer combo. Both reside in my kitchen. Is it the prettiest thing to have in your kitchen?...umm..not really, but I sure do love all the extra space it allows me for food storage. So practicality outweighs aesthetics in my kitchen.

Freezer Clean Out: January Edition

With us focusing on #NOSpenduary, I thought it was probably time I dig through that freezer of mine. I pulled everything out of my freezer chest and place it on towels on my floor. I try to do this before every monthly shopping trip, but last month I didn't (I blame the holidays) and this month I didn't stock up on meat or anything (only the essentials), so I didn't go through it either. Anyways back to the cleanup....I pulled everything out, so I could see what goodies were buried in my freezer. I also pulled out all my frozen milk from the freezer above my fridge. They were scattered in both freezers and I really wanted to get them all in the same place. We were given a bunch of milk from a dear friend at church, so we have had an abundance lately. I haven't bought milk in a month! (thank you Ing) I like to keep my milk at the bottom of my freezer chest, since they're the bulkiest item in there.

Freezer Clean Out: January Edition

Once everything was pulled out, I took stock of what I had. I grouped my meats together, my cheeses, veggies, fruits, purees, etc. Keeping things together allows me to have a better idea of what is in there. I also found a few freezer meals I had forgotten all about. Is it sad I felt like it was Christmas when I found three tubs of soup, just ready to be eaten this winter? I did my own little happy dance. That was three meals that now I didn't have to plan. I could just pop them in the crock-pot and call it good. Having those freezer meals reminded me how much I love making freezer meals. I really need to get back into making them. Note to self: request freezer cookbooks at the library

Once I organized everything, I chipped all the ice off the insides of my freezer chest. I used a plastic spatula, so I wouldn't ruin the insulation. This took less than ten minutes. Once I was done my freezer was looking all kinds of purdy. There is something about a clean, ice less makes this mama feel I tackled and conquered a task with extreme determination....chipping ice is no joke people...oh man does that make me sound lame? Yes? No? Don't tell me. Let me stay blissfully unaware:)

Freezer Clean Out: January Edition

Once the freezer was cleaned, I decided the fridge couldn't be left out. I pulled everything out and gave it a good wipe down with my all-purpose cleaner. I am a a bit of a germaphobe and dirty fridges are the worst! I try to stay on top of ours, as much as I can.

So now that I just spent far too long talking about my freezer cleanup, let me share with you why cleaning out your freezer is important....

A lot of times we stash things in the freezer, thinking "no worries it is in the freezer it can't go bad". Wrong! It can! Nothing last forever, not matter how much we wish it did. Going through your freezer allows you to use up the old stuff before it goes bad. It also lets you see what you have, so you don't rebuy or over buy on something. Preventing this saves you time and money. I am all for saving me on both of those. So check out your freezer and give it a good clean. Knowing what you have stashed in the freezer and fridge will help you plan meals better, which ultimately keeps that family of yours in happy town:)

You can check out my videos on gearing up vfor grocery shopping. I talk more about how I clean out the freezer each month:)

How do you guys clean out your freezer?

XO Danielle

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