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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mini Puff-Puff Pancakes

Mini Puff-Puff Pancakes

Mini Puff-Puff Pancakes

Morning lovelies! My hands are freezing this January morning. I don't know if it is the chill outside or the lack of circulation in my phalanges, either way my fingers are cold and seem to be bound and determine to cause as many typos as they can. Hopefully the three times I read over this post will get rid of whatever errors my frigid hands caused me to make. I seem to always have cold hands and poor hubby has to deal with the icicle fingers all the time. Anyone else have a problem with cold hands? I swear I need to wear mittens all the time!

But enough about my cold hands, lets get to this yummy recipe we tried out this week. I recently checked out The Girl Who Ate Everything by Christy Denney at my library. It had a lot of delicious looking meals and I was very excited to bring that book home and get to creating in my kitchen. The first thing I wanted to make was Mini Puff-Puff Pancakes. I've been trying to prepare more hot breakfasts for those red heads of mine. I had made waffles over the Christmas break and they were shocked that I had made a hot breakfast. I got the hint and started looking for some new recipes ot try out.

This recipe was quick and easy to make. It also only requires those pantry staples we all have in stock. I love when recipes only call for those. It makes this Mama's heart happy :)

This would also make a quick dinner idea for when you are in a rush. It can be prepared and baked in less than 25 minutes. Less than the time it takes to load up your car and go to your local golden arches!

Mini Puff-Puff Pancakes

Here's how to make these little puffs of goodness! 


6 eggs
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup melted butter


Preheat your oven to 400' and spray two muffin tins with cooking spray. In a large mixing bowl, mix all ingredients together well. Fill each muffin tin halfway with the batter. Baked for 15-17 minutes or until pancakes are golden around the edges. Remove from the tins and serve with fruit, maple syrup, and powdered sugar.

*This recipe makes 18 pancakes. I took one cup of frozen strawberries and thawed them in my microwave (about 2 minutes) and then added 2 tsp of white sugar to the top. Mash the strawberries with a potato masher and use as a yummy syrup. We added powdered sugar and homemade syrup as well. It was delish!

Mini Puff-Puff Pancakes

What new recipes have you been trying out lately?

XO Danielle


  1. That looks so good!! Right now I have a new-to-me recipe of Minestrone soup. I love this soup, but it's a different variation of it with lots of healthy ingredients. I also bought a big thing of Macaroni and cheese from Costco over the holidays and it's been sitting in the freezer, yet to be eaten. So we'll be having that for dinner tomorrow night. I also found a blog dedicated to cooking everything in the crockpot for over a year, which I just love! I found an apple cake recipe to make in the crock pot and wouldn't you know it, I have everything on hand! I can't wait to cook my way through the weekend.

  2. Great recipe, and love your plate! Where did you get it!

    1. It's a thrifted plate that I then did Sharpie art to. I linked the tutorial below:)

  3. Those pancakes looks yummy.. And I love that you bake them in the oven [it is so hard to make enough pancakes for all the grandkids on the griddle..... I end up continuing to cook pancakes as everyone eats... not fun.ha] I really like the strawberry on it too.. I can just taste it.. I will be trying these.. thanks for sharing.

    1. I hear ya! I hate that when your the cook and you don't get to sit down with everyone. Baking stuff in the oven always helps:)


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