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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Word For 2015....

It is almost the end of the month and I have yet to share what my word is for 2015. A few years ago I changed up the whole New Year's resolution thing. Instead of making a bunch of resolutions I would end of forgetting about I thought I would pick one word to focus on throughout the year. This worked wonders for me. My word was grow and it was amazing. Having one word to focus on, gave me so much strength. I kept at for the whole year. In 2014 I didn't pick a word. If I did, it would have been endure. 2014 was extremely hard for myself and my family. My brother passed away in November 2013. That was a little over a year ago. When I type that it still doesn't seem real. For me 2014 was all about enduring. I had to get up each day. I had to put one foot in front of the other. I literally went through the motions of life and endured as well as I could. As the year went on, I gained strength a little at a time. It still comes in waves. I will have days when all I want to do is lay in bed and pull the covers up over my head. It is on those days I force myself to get up and face the sun because no matter what I am going through, that sun is still shinning. I still have a family who is counting on me. This is something I remind myself of often. Thankfully these mornings have become fewer and I am feeling stronger and more able to tackle all the things that are required of me.

My Word For 2015....

As I thought on this upcoming year and all that I want to accomplish many words came to mind...create, live, be....I just couldn't decide. I prayed on what my word should be for this year. What word could encompass all that I have planned for myself this year? I want to do more with this blog. I want to write more and I want more people to be able to learn to live providently. I want to be a better Mom, Wife, and Homemaker. I want to grow stronger in my testimony of my God and my Savior. I want to be able to stand tall no matter what comes my way. I want to give more, serve more, love more. With all of these ideas, goals, plans, whatever you call them going through my mind, I couldn't come up with a word to truly encompass all that I dreamed for this year. Then a simple two letter word came to mind, one Sunday during Sacrament. "Do". So simple and yet it really encompassed all that I had been praying about. 

I want to do more for my family. I want to share more of God's word. I want to serve more and be more, so the Lord may share his Light through me. I want to be able to Do more with this blog and help more people learn to live a financially free life. With all of these ideas, the word "do" kept coming back to me, so that will be my word for this year..."Do".

My Word For 2015....

I will Do more and Be more, so that I can grow to love my Savior more. I can learn to have faith in Him more because he is truly the master and I am but an apprentice, learning and gleaning from his sweet inspiring words.

I pray that this year I will be able to focus on this word and live it. I pray that you all will continue with me on this journey of frugal living. I want this to be a year dedicated to living a law of frugality. I want us all to make that change for our own families and I hope we can do it together. I pray we can encourage, uplift, and inspire one another to do more and be more. We are amazing daughters and sons of a King. We are amazing people! I pray we remember that today and throughout this year. We can DO hard things and we can DO them well. 

Inspiration found HERE and HERE :)

XO Danielle

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  1. Thank you! Really a great post and food for thought! I love your word for the year! I need to do a post on mine. You are such a great example. Hope that 2015 is a wonderful year for your family.


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