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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting The Year Off Right with a No Spenduary Challenge

Starting The Year Off Right with a No Spenduary Challenge
Good morning lovelies! I hope that we are all ready for a fun filled day or at least a day of lounging in our pjs and catching up on that stack of movies from the library that aren't going to watch themselves. As you can guess, I will be doing the latter :) 

I pulled myself away from my Hunger Games marathon, to share with you a fun challenge I have going on this month that I think you all will want to join in on....I am keeping my fingers crossed people. This month I am teaming up with Lydia, from Frugal Debt Free Life, to bring you a No Spenduary Challenge. Sounds fun right! Seriously it will be.....I promise! Scout's Honor....wait I wasn't a scout.....ok....cross my heart.

I really want to start this year off on the right foot. This January my family will be committing to spending less. We will be paying for our basic needs - utilities, groceries, etc. We will be paying all of our need to pay bills and we will be using money already allocated to help celebrate the girl's birthday later this month. Other than that we will be keeping out wallets closed and our pennies in our piggy banks.

What it does this No Spednuary Challenge mean? It means that I will not be thrifting this no new videos about my fun finds at Goodwill or DI. I know! I know! Let's all shed a tear about that one (I will get my thrift on in February though. Don't worry). We will also not be eating out, purchasing music from Amazon on my phone (gaw this will be a hard one), getting drinks from Circle K, or buying things just because the price is right. We will be foregoing all of these extra expenses and will be saving that money. All of our categories in our budget, other than the need to pay items, will also not be used this month and will be saved.

We have a few financial goals for the year. Hubby is going working towards some certifications for his dream job, we have a few projects around the house we want to get done, and we have spring planting coming up in a few months. I am hoping that with the money saved this month, we will be able to make a dent in those expenses, we know will be coming up in the near future.

Having a whole month dedicated to spending as little as possible, is also great to put your spending in the spotlight and get you in the budgeting frame of mind for the new year. I think every once in a while we need a refresher, to make sure we are spending money wisely.

This challenge is one that has little rules. The only rule is to save as much as you can. Everyone will save a different amount. We all have different budgets, that are personalized for the people living them. If you can not do a complete "No Spednuary" then pick one thing you want to cut back on this month. Maybe it is those coffees you get from Starbucks in the morning. Cutting out Starbucks and going for a thermos full of homemade coffee, will save you tons! If you spend $2 a day on coffee and you forgo that expense this month. You would have saved $62 over 31 days! That's amazing! Remember that every penny adds up. Money not spend, is money saved. 

This month I will be sharing tons of videos, posts, instagram pics/videos, and ideas via Facebook and Twitter to get your family saving money this month.

Let's all encourage one another to live well on less. I believe that together we can all move mountains in our lives. If you are joining the challenge, tag me on social media and use the hashtag #NoSpenduary. I would love to be able to cheer you along as you accomplish amazing things in your life!

XO Danielle
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