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Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday...

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning lovelies! It's been a while since I have participated in Happy Homemaker Monday, but I love to follow along with every one's post on Sandra's blog. Today I decided to join in the fun. I love taking a few moments to just get my week organized. I hope you enjoy the read and will join in on the fun. Let me know if you do, so I can check out your Homemaker Monday post as well :)

The weather outside is::::
Nice and Cool. I wish it was like this all year round in Vegas. I am enjoying every moment of this coolness, since it seems winter has already left us. I even planted some veggies over the weekend. Living in a desert means starting spring planting season early:)

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
Trail Mix Granola bars. This morning we are off to make a run to the grocery store (I'll video my haul after) and to get some more soil, so a quick breakfast was a must. My eyes were bigger than my planter, so now I need to fill another one to house all the yummy veggie plants I bought over the weekend at Star Nursery. 

As I look outside my window:::
I can see all my wonderful flowers that are blooming. I have been working on our porch area. I am bound and determined to keep these flowers colorful for as long as possible. Plants make me oh so happy!  

Right now I am::::
Sitting at the kitchen table, sipping on Kool-Aide hubby left out. I'm sure he left it for me hehehe:)

As I look around the house::::
I see calm. We took our 15 minutes last night to tidy up and it has been a blessing this morning. I love waking up and not feeling like a tornado has gone through my house. 

On today's to do list::::
Grocery shopping, a lunch with some friends, and family home evening. Keagan is in charge and I need to come up with a treat. I am thinking something with apples. I snagged a box of 40lbs on Saturday from Bountiful Baskets. I have canning in my near future:)
Currently reading::::
Love's Enduring Promise. It is due at the library tomorrow, so I need to get my bum in gear and finish it up. It's a second read for me. I am also reading The Vegetable Garden Handbook. I am learning tons! 

On the TV today::::
Have a few series I want to catch up on.

On the menu this week::::
Monday - BBQ Hamburgers
Tuesday - Zucchini Bake
Wednesday - Tofu Stir-fry
Thursday - Baked Potatoes
Friday - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - Breakfast Night

What I am creating at the moment::::
hmmm...I really want to make some happy flags, but other than that I don't have many things in mind right now. 

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Happy Homemaker Monday

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::

I heard this in Church yesterday and I loved it. The lesson was on prayer. A dear friend shared that if you are struggling with forgiving someone, than pray for them. She said that it is very hard to hate someone or be mad at them, when you are praying for them. Brilliant right? I loved this advice and will be applying it this week. 

I hope you all have an amazing start to your week. Earlier this morning I shared our Homemade Canned Salsa -it is delish- check it out HERE:)

XO Danielle


  1. I love the feeling of straightening the house a little before bed (on nights that I can muster up the energy)! It is so nice to wake up to a tidy house with the pillows fluffed a little and the dishes all put away.

    That is some great advice about forgiveness. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!

  2. I am going to have to do the 15 minute tidy tonight and see how it goes in the morning. I was really upset with myself for being lazy last night when I woke up to a sink full of dishes that I didn't have time to clean. Cleaning up the kitchen after work so I could make dinner was not my idea of a good time tonight. Tomorrow is a new day though. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Not sure where you are, but I love the idea of blooming flowers! LOL I cannot go to bed without setting things straight - there's nothing worse than waking up to a mess. Have a great week.

  4. No flowers here :( But I love this idea of taking stake of a day. I might have to join in!

  5. I agree that the 15 minute tidy at night is a great idea. What are happy flags? Praying for someone when you're having a hard time forgiving them is absolutely the way to go. It really makes you see things completely differently. Have a great week!


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