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Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Love Story: Cory's Story

My Love Story: Cory's Story

 We all have one. A story that tells how we  began our happily ever after. Our story may have twist, turns, laughs, tears, and all the in between, but they are ours. I have asked a few bloggers and readers to share their stories.

 Here are their words....their love stories.

My hubby and I met in Mythology class in college 9 1/2 years ago (2005). He walked in 10 minutes late, with his sunglasses still on his head, and I saw him and thought, "I've done that!" (Meaning the sunglasses.) A few weeks later, he doesn't show up for class one Monday. Our professor had rearranged the seating chart and we were sitting next to each other at the time. Our classes were M-W. So on Wednesday, when he showed up, my response wasn't Hi, it was, "Where the hell have you been?" What? Baker (our Prof) unknowingly had placed the two most sarcastic people in his class right next to each other, and we kept ourselves entertained by making sarcastic comments all during class to each other. I missed my partner in crime! A week later, I attempted to put my number in his phone, and apparently succeeded. He called me that night and we stayed up until 2 am talking about who knows what.

Two weeks later, we're on the phone talking and I asked him what we were, because I honestly didn't know. There was no official "Will you go out with me?" or anything like that. And he smartly said, "I'd like you to be my girlfriend." *girlish giggle* That was settled at least.

We were a month or so into our relationship when it occurred to us that we didn't have a "dating anniversary." So out came the calendar and we settled on September 30, 2005; this was the day I had put my number in his phone. Also the day he brought me a 1/2 pound bar of Hershey's Dark Chocolate. I forgot to mention that earlier.

Well, an almost decade long story short, we got married on September 30, 2013. We've been married for 1 1/2 years, together 9 1/2, and some days still can't believe how long we've been together. 

So when young women (ah! I'm only 26 and I'm saying this!) ask me how did I find such a great guy, my answer, "I wasn't looking for him, but we found each other." Throughout our whole relationship, a lesson has repeated itself several times: When you stop looking for something, it'll find you.

XO Cori

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