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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Love Story: Lydia's Story

My Love Story: Lydia's Story

 We all have one. A story that tells how we  began our happily ever after. Our story may have twist, turns, laughs, tears, and all the in between, but they are ours. I have asked a few bloggers and readers to share their stories.

 Here are their words....their love stories.


Confession: I struggled with writing lovey stuff about my husband. Seriously. I write something and then I just get really embarrassed and delete it.
I just can’t do it. (Side note: I just shouted across the room to my husband “you know I love you, right?”)
So today, instead of writing a post about our love story -- I would just cringe as I read later, I will be sharing some things I love about my husband and why.

My Love Story: Lydia's Story

1. I love that my husband pretends he is not married to a crazy lady.

 If they gave out academy awards for “best actor in a real life performance” my husband would win. His wife is cray.
When I cried the first time I watched Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” video because… well, I don’t know why, Jason pretended not to notice.
And when I yelled at some middle schoolers in the park for rough-housing and threaten to call their parents (even though I don’t know them from Adam) he acted like it was just another Tuesday.
A man who will flat out ignore your crazy is a keeper.

2. He shares my love of staying home. We are both mildly anti-social and would prefer to spend all of our time at home watching Netflix after our two little boys go to sleep. Exciting stuff, I know.
But I could go for days without leaving the confines of my house or yard and Jason, he would be right there with me.

3. He is very supportive of my goals. I spend many a late night at my computer working in both my business and on my blog. He has played the part of proof reader, blog photographer and in the beginning, sole reader.

4. He lets me sleep on weekends. Okay, this is by far the nicest thing… just ever. But my husband is willing to get up early with our kids on weekends so that mama can get some sleep. He does this because he knows without the extra sleep I am grumpy.

5. He loves the Lord. Jason is a Godly man. My mom told me that when my sister and I were growing up she prayed we would meet kind and Godly men, and we did.

6. He loves our children. I met my husband when we were eighteen and have loved him pretty much since, but my love grew infinitely when we became parents. The kindness, gentleness, patience and love he shows for our children are a lesson for me daily.

My Love Story: Lydia's Story

Jason is not perfect, just as I am not perfect. And our marriage is far from perfect. But I know that I am blessed daily to have a man in my life who is perfect for me.

XO Lydia

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  1. Lyndia, You did a fantastic job telling your love story..[You made me like Jason....even though, I have never met either
    of you,ha]
    Having some one who loves you...for who you are.. is the absolute best!!! And a good daddy is fantastic... And a man who loves the Lord, is the best thing you can have..
    So happy for both of you.. may God bless you both and your family..


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