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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Love Story: Tara's Story

My Love Story: Tara's Story

 We all have one. A story that tells how we  began our happily ever after. Our story may have twist, turns, laughs, tears, and all the in between, but they are ours. I have asked a few bloggers and readers to share their stories.

 Here are their words....their love stories.

My Love Story: Tara's Story

My husband and I met at church, fall/winter of 2012. One day in my Sunday morning class there was this new tall,dark, and handsome type gentleman sitting across from me and I automatically assumed he already belonged to someone (at our age all the good ones are taken). I found out he was single, a divorcee like me, but then I thought he was prob too cool for me and more into exotic mysterious females not a pale redheaded Kentucky girl. So we were in the same class for several months and just exchanged pleasantries occasionally. One morning he came up to me after class and said ( with his Guatemalan accent ) " I must tell you, you are looking beautiful today"..... So after I re-formed out of my Tara puddle I asked if he was coming to the church picnic and urged him to attend. He did, we talked all afternoon at the picnic, he took me to lunch every day that week following, and we've basically been inseparable since then. We were married last Oct. in St.Thomas, VI . He's so wonderful I will never doubt that God delivered him right to me, and I will be praising Him daily for it!

XO Tara

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