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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

That Day When I Felt Like a Mess....

Yesterday started like any other day.....I heard Hubby's alarm go off at 6:30 am. Without even hitting the snooze (something I do six or seven times, he got up and hopped into the shower. I'd like to say I too sprung up from the bed, but let's be real know I rolled back over and tried to squeeze in a few more zzz's. My alarm then went off at 7 am. -Insert me now spending the next twenty minutes fighting with the snooze button and myself wanting to catch just a few more precious hours of sleep- It was at this time that staying up till 2 am to watch episodes of Reign on Netflix didn't seem like such a smart idea anymore. Eventually I was able to pull myself out of bed. Hubby was finished in the bathroom and was out in the living room with the kids. I snuck into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. Nothing like cold water to the face to truly wake you up :)

Knock Knock Knock....Hubby knocks and needs to sneak in and grab some toilet paper. The kids have run out and someone is yelling from the bathroom for someone to save them and bring them some TP. We've all been there right?

After a few more minutes and I am dressed for the day....which today looks like workout clothes, but in reality they are the pajamas I wore to bed. I pulled my hair up, so I have definitely made a bit of progress on that bed head I woke up with...I'm all about progress not perfection. Words of wisdom for today...learn it.

By now Hubby was kissing me goodbye and was heading off to work...that is when it all began....the fighting between red heads....the stink eyed glares.....the empty tummy meltdowns....and all the in between. It wasn't even 8:30 am people! I felt defeated before my day had even truly began. That is when I posted this on Instagram.

I am always amazed at the unbelievable support and love you guys send my way each and every day. You sure know how to make a sister feel appreciated! There were "hang in there mama", "I've been there", and a funny picture shared by a good friend. All were exactly what I needed to turn my day around.

While my littles were cooling off in their rooms....(the bickering had gotten out of control)....I started to think about how I had lost my patience with those red heads and yelled. I am a yeller. It is something I am working on....daily people....I hate it when I lose my cool and royally stinks.

As I stood by the sink, thinking how absolutely imperfect I was, a thought came to me.

Aren't we all? We are all imperfect. In fact we are pretty much a mess. We make mistakes over and over again....even when we have vowed to change our ways. As I thought about this, I had a light bulb go off. Yes we are imperfect and are hot messes most of the time, but we have a Savior who is absolutely perfect. He loves us.....flaws and all. When I am a stressed out mama, yelling at my kids, heaving heavy sighs, He loves me. When I sometimes want to cry because the day has gotten away from me....He loves me. We are all Women in Christ. We are all sisters because we all have the same loving Heavenly Father who watches over us.

I hope today, that no matter what you are going through, know that you are not alone. When you feel like a heap of a mess....I am right there with you...feeling it too. Thank you for the support you all offer me when I'm having a hard Mama day. Thank you for the prayers, the stories shared, and the many smiley face icons (those are the best). As sisters in Christ, we can get through this. We can encourage one another and cheer each other on. With Christ by our side, He will turn the imperfect messes we are, into beautiful works of art. Never doubt your value. You are more precious than any amount of money to Him.

Thank you always and know your are in my heart and prayers.

*Oh and these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post. The first is of my family heading into church (oh how this melts my heart) and the second is of some beautiful plants we have added to our home. Lately, plants have equaled absolute joy to me. Oh and Happy Flags help too :)

XO Danielle


  1. God is awesome, and It is such a blessing to know , that through our trials/struggles , He cares and forgives us..

    Kid /parent melt fun.. I think the early morning ones are the worse.ha I think you handled it really well.
    Usually the separation, makes the little ones.. start missing each other... and being total friends again..ha

    Hope you have a good rest of the day..Hugs ,hugs..

  2. I loved this! You are not a mess and neither am I.

  3. As I sit here, I am a hot mess! Guess we need to have the messy days to appreciate the good ones! :)

  4. I am also a "yeller." It's a very difficult personality trait to change. I struggle with this every time I am tested...but I can say it is definitely getting better over time. I find it very important to apologize to my babies if I lose my temper. I think there is a lesson in showing them that parents make mistakes too. Thank you for sharing your world honestly!



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