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Friday, March 20, 2015

March Frugal Accomplishments...

Hey lovelies! It's time for this month's frugal accomplishments post :)

I had four zucchini squash to use up, so I made four loaves of zucchini bread. I froze my leftover shredded zucchini for baking later in the upcoming months.

I canned some apples that I got from Bountiful baskets this week.

Made smoothies for breakfast and for hubby's lunch

We ate out at In and Out with coupons the kids earned at the library

Speaking of the library we scored a bunch of books at the library this week. The each went home with 5+ chapter books to read. I love being able to check out books, so we always have new adventures to read!

I chopped and froze mangoes I got from Bountiful baskets.

I made dinner at home 6 nights this week. Every night, but in and out night.

We attended a science program at our library

I snagged some cute things for Miss Priss from Schoola. I had some credit, so I used that to buy a few more summer clothes for her and some church dresses.

We also got to attend a fun Spring celebration in a friends neighborhood. The kids had a blast!

I colored my hair at home

We borrowed some movies from my parents :)

Hubby and I enjoyed some FREE babysitting (thank you mom and dad), so we could go out on a much needed date night.

I worked out at home

We went to the park to play with friends for a fun homeschool outing

We played games at home for Family Night this month :)

We hosted a fun doll club party at out house with our Homeschool group. Seriously so fun!

We also paid cash for this girl's braces. Woot! Woot!

I love trying to reflect back on the frugal things we've done throughout the month. It is a great way to remind myself of the ways that I save and maybe how I have room for improvement. I also think it is a great way to share and encourage one another.

How did you save this month? Let's share our ideas and inspire one another :)

If you have your own frugal accomplishments post, leave the link in the comments

XO Danielle

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