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Friday, March 20, 2015

March Frugal Accomplishments...

Hey lovelies! It's time for this month's frugal accomplishments post :)

I had four zucchini squash to use up, so I made four loaves of zucchini bread. I froze my leftover shredded zucchini for baking later in the upcoming months.

I canned some apples that I got from Bountiful baskets this week.

Made smoothies for breakfast and for hubby's lunch

We ate out at In and Out with coupons the kids earned at the library

Speaking of the library we scored a bunch of books at the library this week. The each went home with 5+ chapter books to read. I love being able to check out books, so we always have new adventures to read!

I chopped and froze mangoes I got from Bountiful baskets.

I made dinner at home 6 nights this week. Every night, but in and out night.

We attended a science program at our library

I snagged some cute things for Miss Priss from Schoola. I had some credit, so I used that to buy a few more summer clothes for her and some church dresses.

We also got to attend a fun Spring celebration in a friends neighborhood. The kids had a blast!

I colored my hair at home

We borrowed some movies from my parents :)

Hubby and I enjoyed some FREE babysitting (thank you mom and dad), so we could go out on a much needed date night.

I worked out at home

We went to the park to play with friends for a fun homeschool outing

We played games at home for Family Night this month :)

We hosted a fun doll club party at out house with our Homeschool group. Seriously so fun!

We also paid cash for this girl's braces. Woot! Woot!

I love trying to reflect back on the frugal things we've done throughout the month. It is a great way to remind myself of the ways that I save and maybe how I have room for improvement. I also think it is a great way to share and encourage one another.

How did you save this month? Let's share our ideas and inspire one another :)

If you have your own frugal accomplishments post, leave the link in the comments

XO Danielle


  1. We tried a 'new-healthier' Chicken marsala recipe at home that we found last minute and surprisingly had all the ingredients already on hand! I am also 3 monthly payments away from having my braces paid off EARLY! Like months early. And every single payment has been made in cash!!! I've been soooooo much better about not getting fast food and just sticking to what we have at home. And I was able to pay for my dentist appointment this week in cash and in full!

  2. I am a BzzAgent so I get to try new products for free. I just received confirmation that I get to try a new cashew milk soon! Today I'm picking up my free frozen meatless entrees to try out.

    I'm waiting to receive my free Amazon gift card from an app I use so I can buy a waffle maker. I discovered my picky toddler will eat waffles!

    I post my frugal accomplishments weekly. It's a new thing I'm doing. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference. Here's my newest:

  3. This list is so inspiring. To all the little things that can be done to add up to lots of savings.

  4. I have just recently discovered your blog and I just wanted to say that I LOVE IT. You offer a bright and blissful approach to everyday life that I just really enjoy reading. THANK YOU!

  5. Awesome! You're so motivating. I've been trying to keep up with No-Spenduary, and I've been getting so excited by seeing my monthly expenses dip lower and lower. It's almost addicting, and it really helps me make better choices on a daily basis.

    Question on your new healthy eating: Have you found that you can eat "clean" on the same budget as before, or do you now have to spend more? If more, how are you prioritizing your grocery budget now? Real, quality food is important to us, but I don't think I'm saving as much as I could in that department. Hoping for more insights there!

  6. Man, kids braces are so expensive!! My oldest son just got referred to an orthodontist and I am dreading that payment. We got books and DVD's from our local library, we played at our local playground and I did our monthly order for the good food box ($30 for 35-40lbs of veggies and fruits). We also continued to use cloth diapers, walk to and from school as much as possible and got some money from taking my children outgrown clothing into a consignment store. I shared a post this week on how to save money when buying both diapers: as well as recently an update on being financially prepared:

  7. we've eaten in more nights than out (huge accomplishment for us!) altho I want to get where we eat out one dinner and one lunch a week. Just for lunches we spend a minimum of $200-$250 a month - every time I pay I think "this could have gone to debt!" so today we are going to sam's to get our turkey meat (it's half the price per pound there than at the regular grocery store).

    I actually decided to look at the library for a particular cookbook before purchasing it, altho mine didn't have it another branch did and they requested it for me. it's taking a lot for me to not just order it, I always say, "well if I don't like it I can donate it to (fill in the blank).

    Praise shout out to my hubby one way we're trying to make lunches cheaper is by ordering water with lemon. I luv water and prefer it, hubby not so much, but he has been.even if they charge us.25 for the water with lemon (reasonable) it's still a lot cheaper AND healthier than the $3 tea/soda.

    I've been turning off lights in every room we're not in. before we always left them on. I don't have some weird hang up that lights off equals poor from childhood, no we aren't lazy, we just LUV and crave light. we want it as bright as possible and that normally means lights on WITH blinds open. this has been exceptionally hard lately as all we've had is gloomy, doomy rainy days - and my soul needs light!

    my problem comes at the middle of the month - we do really great at not purchasing items and then it's like a binge, then we have no extra money to put towards ER fund. We've gone so long without one that I get all kinds of hives when think about funding it and not having it in the checking (or paying on debt) we luv dave ramsey but his zero balanced budget gives me all kinds of new anxiety. so its in the checking even tho I know I want to put it to er fund or debt repayment then we get the itchies. I'm thinking of having a mid month check in on frugality and $$ management.

  8. ps. wud luv your recipes I have quite a bit of squash and zucchini that is about to go bad. I've chopped and frozen it before but it's not the best tasting after that

  9. I would love a post on how you color your hair at home! I get highlights to hide some grays. If I wasn't 31 I wouldn't care, but that's just too young for gray hair! It makes me sick spending $100 every 3-4 months on hair. Please share with us what you do!

  10. Did Libby go through a huge growth spurt? She looks so much taller!!

    This moth has been all about finishing projects around the house. It feels great!


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