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Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Winco Grocery Haul Video...

Hi lovelies! I have a grocery haul video for you today! I have two others in the editing process as well. I am being a good little youtuber this month. Last month I was only able to share one haul because somehow I managed to accidentally delete my second haul video -- insert sad face-- so this month I am being extra careful to not hit that delete button :)

This month we stocked up on some whole grains, pasta, nuts, and more! Check out the video and be sure to let me know what you guys are stocking up on this month. I love hearing all the ways you save! You're such an inspiration:)

XO Danielle

Excuse the boy and his yuck sounds in the backgrounds. He thinks he is quite hilarious :)


  1. We used to keep water in the car too but I read that the plastic can leech into the water so that freaked me out a bit, and if it was too warm the kids wouldnt drink it. Now I try to fill up their reusable water bottles before we leave with water or iced tea and we can usually stave off the drink buying for a couple hours.I love making stir fries for dinner to save money, one box of pasta, one bag of frozen veggies and either sausage or chicken (sometimes I cheat and use canned chicken) and mix it up with garlic and soy sauce and its delicious. Love your videos!

  2. Great haul... Enjoyed your video.. thanks for sharing

  3. You scored some great deals! I live in a little town in Virginia and we don't have a Winco, Aldi, or any of these other great stores I hear about!! I have found that the best option for our family is to shop at one store (there aren't many options), learn it really well so I can get the best deals.

  4. I make soup often in the winter. Saving all the carrot ends, celery ends, mushroom stems, onion skins, etc. in a bag in the freezer makes for excellent soup greens.

  5. I always enjoy these grocery shopping videos. I live near a grocery outlet and sometimes I wish you lived closer because I often get the same things that you get, except they are priced lower at this grocery outlet. If you weren't across the country I would even mail some things to you- ha! But I think you always do so well with your budget and taking care of your family, Danielle. And thanks for sharing these videos with us. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words and I am so glad that you like these videos. They're some of my favorite to do:)

  6. Great purchases, Danielle! That's the type of stuff we usually buy, so it's interesting to compare prices. I haven't shopped in the bulk sections much, but now I will check them out. The asparagus sounds delish!


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