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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Garden: Spring 2015

Recently we started gearing up for spring planting.  I bought my seeds, seedlings, soil, and got to planting.

Hubby built me two planter boxes out of our old wood flooring. He also was such a peach and showed me how to work his drill, so I could make a box myself. I shared that triumph on instagram this past weekend. I have big dreams for our yard. I want planter boxes and green everywhere. I have a dream of us being able to sustain ourselves someday. I know we do not have a farm by any means, but it would be really cool to provide ourselves with as much of those veggie basics as we can.

For right now though, I  am starting off small. I am continuing on from where I left off last year. Last year was not so good when the summer heat came. Most of our plants died, except the aloe vera. That stuff is tough and made it through 100+ degree weather. This year I have done more research and decided that the harsh soil of the desert may not be the best for my sweet plants, which is why we are doing planter boxes, with store bought soil. It is suppose to be better for the plants out here in the hot desert.

I am excited for this gardening journey. I am a newbie people, but I have a lot of passion, so I hope that counts for something. We all have to be passionate about something right?

I do plan to share my progress, so over the years I can see what worked and what didn't. I also will try to include as many pictures as possible, because well when I see those plants grow and bloom, I am one happy mama!

I get all kinds of giddy people!!

This year we planted:

beef steak tomato plant x2
cherry tomato plant x2
zucchini plant x3
pumpkin plant x1
garden bean plants x6 (growing these from seed and keeping my fingers crossed)
jalapeno pepper plants x6
bell pepper plant x1
chile pepper x1
cilantro x2
lettuce x2
red cabbage x1
cauliflower x1
oregano x1
basil x1
green onions x4
garlic x3
and lots of pretty flowers- African Marigolds, butterflygrass, snap dragons, and daisies

We also have three aloe vera pants from last summer still going strong

I am so excited for this new planting season and I am so hopeful. I pray that God will watch over our little garden and help it to grow and thrive. In the mean time, I plan on building more planter boxes for us in the Fall. I am kind of tapped out on my garden budget for this season, so any other plans will have to wait for the fall.

What have you guys been up to in the garden?

XO Danielle
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