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Saturday, April 11, 2015

How do you use social media and the internet?

Last weekend, my family and I were able to watch General Conference. General Conference is a time of year when, as a Mormon, I am able to hear the words my Heavenly Father would have me hear. It is a time to hear the words from our Prophet and the other leaders of the church. One message that stood out to me was mentioned in a few talks. It was about how we use social media and the Internet.

This got me thinking. How do I use social media and the Internet? Do I use it to share goodness with others? Do I use it to encourage my fellow man? or do I use it to tear down, belittle, or make fun of?

The Internet is this amazing thing we have been blessed to have. We are growing up in a time of great technology. We have amazing knowledge at our fingertips to be researched and found. We have amazing programs that allow us to share the most intimate moments of our lives. We can literally capture all those little moments that make up each day. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or a little blog like mine....we have power to reach people in a way that was never before seen in our society.

The idea that we have some sort of super power because of the day and age we live in really stood out to me. It made me wonder about how I use that power. Am I a hero or a villain? I hope that we are all striving to be heroes on this thing we call the Internet. Whether you have a blog, or a social media account, or you comment on the sites you visit...I hope you are a hero. I hope you use this power you have to send messages into the web for good. I hope that through our words we are choosing (because it is totally a chose) to encourage one another. We are all sinners. We all make mistakes. We are human and imperfect. I hope that we are trying to lift one another up. We will all have bad days. Days when life seems too hard to bare. What if when we tried to share goodness, we were able to touch someone who was having a rough day like that? What if that funny picture we shared on Facebook made someone's day a bit brighter? What if that inspirational thought or quote we shared on instagram, made someone feel a little bit stronger?

I hope that we all see how much influence we have in this BIG, wide world. We have value and our thoughts do as well. I pray this week that we can #sharegoodness, in whatever way we can.

Over the weekend I found a bunch of inspirational quotes, which I hope to share on instagram throughout the month. I am challenging myself to share more goodness each day. I hope you will do this as well. I hope that you will make an effort to surround yourself with things that are encouraging. Read encouraging things, think encouraging thoughts, and share encouraging messages.

Read blogs that make you feel inspired. Follow instagram feeds that make you feel good about yourself...not bad. Surround yourself with goodness because when you do, your days WILL be a bit brighter. Be the change you want to see in every single day.

Thank you for always coming to my blog, following me on social media, and watching my videos. Often I go back to my first ever post on this blog and the prompting I felt to start this little piece of the web. I pray that I continue to strive for that goodness.

I pray you have a beautiful weekend and know that you are an amazing person, who can do amazing things! Never forget that :)

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XO Danielle


  1. Lovely post. Conference was so wonderful wasn't it. Made me think about my use of social media as well. I like blogs much better than Face Book. Your blog is always so uplifting and when I read your posts you inspire me to be better. Thank you so much and have a great weekend!

  2. God is awesome !!! And I love to share and read blogs that love and follow Him.
    I use my blog to share the things I love.. such as my love for God, my family ,for sewing/crafting
    and living as frugal as I can.
    The internet, has allowed me to make some wonderful christian friends , that otherwise, I would
    never have known. It has put at my fingertips.... a way to learn so much, not only about my sewing/frugal living
    but , the visiting of blogs, and for my friends to visit mine. [But, I must does use up a lot of time. ha]
    Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day.

  3. luv this post! I try to always think before I post, I mean we're supposed to think before we speak so the same holds try on social media. you are doing amazing work thank you so much! you are helping us to not be a slave to the debtor


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