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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Learning to Not Over Schedule Yourself...

For me saying no to doing "stuff" and not over-scheduling myself is always a struggle. I am naturally a busy person. I like to be going and doing something. For me, being busy and active is preferred. The only problem is that sometimes I can get a little over zealous. I have a habit of spreading myself a little to thin. Anyone else have that problem?

Learning to Say No and Not Over Schedule Yourself...

I always want to say yes because I swear there is always fun stuff going on around us that I want to do with my kids. The only glitch is that being so over scheduled can really wreak havoc on your week. If you don't have enough time to just be at home, you can start to feel stressed and worn out. Trust me, no one likes a worn out mama. We tend to be a bit grumpy (at least I do). For weeks I will be all go, until finally the kids and I just have to crash and spend a few days re-charging.

I know that I need to pick and choose the things that we do. When I over schedule, it causes more arguments, more tired whines, and a whole lot of laundry piling up on my bed.

So today I am reminding myself to say no sometimes. I am reminding myself to make time for relaxing and for quiet.....for quite nights eating dinner as a family. For times to be together and just play a board game. I don't want to keep myself so busy, that I don't take time for the quiet. The quiet is when inspiration happens. It is when books are read as a family, thoughts are shared, and giggles are to be had.

Learning to Say No and Not Over Schedule Yourself...

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week and let me know how you guys are embracing the quite and calmness this week. It is a daily struggle for me and I am always looking for tips and tricks to make happen.

*Pictures are from last night's meal - Baked Tilapia (using this recipe), microwave potatoes, garlic toast, and sauted spinach and mushrooms. Yum!

XO Danielle


  1. I do exactly the same thing - I love to stay busy, but managing time is not something I have mastered yet! I love going places and doing things but I also love my quiet time and just being home.
    Thank you for sharing

    Happy Medley Blog

  2. Beautiful post. It's a struggle not to keep busy. I'm single and I still find it hard to say no. With work and school and everything else in between, it all piles up. Sadly, even when you're doing all this stuff for other people that you enjoy, it takes a toll on your body. I think we just have to learn to step back from it and enjoy those quiet moments. As for me, right now I'm sipping a hot cup of tea...

  3. We call our week that we need to recharge...Hide-a-way week. It means we like to just hide in our house and shhh stay in our pajamas for a few days too :) I think it actually brings our family together. It is also a sweet reminder that my kiddos love being with us and not with friends more. I hope that when they are in college or married on their own we can still have Hide-a-way week. :)

  4. Yummy looking supper.. Thanks for sharing the recipes.
    Yes.. I have such a hard time saying "no".. If some one ask me to do something... I find it so hard to say, no, I am too busy.
    But, when I stay away from my home for too many days a week, things get behind and I feel stressed.. and things seem to be so out of order.
    I am really working on improving that..[I am 60 yrs old now... you would think , I would have done learned by now.. but I haven't.ha]
    Have a great day.


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