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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our Dear Watson...

Oh this funny, energetic cat. Our Dear Watson has now been with our family for 3 months and we have been loving every single moment of it. He is such a fun, affectionate cat. He is so good with the kids...especially Miss Libby who is constantly picking him up and squeezing the love into him. We are constantly reminding her to ease her grip...but Watson is a good sport. He gets back at her by stealing doll shoes to hid under the beds. 

He is not a very good hider, as you can see above, but he loves hiding behind those curtains in my kitchen and then he "sneak" attacks us as we walk by. He loves to play and wrestle...but never puts his claws out which we are always thankful for. He cuddles at night and loves this stuffed heart pillow he found in Libby's doll stuff. He has now made it his own and will guard it throughout the day.

I am thankful for this little stinker today. He has been such a blessing to our family and we are excited for the years to come and the memories that will be made :)

XO Danielle

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