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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whole-Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix...

Last week you guys gave your requests for ready-made mixes you wanted to see here on the blog. One of the most requested mixes was for a simple pancake mix that could be whipped up in minutes. I thought about this one for a while and searched throughout my cookbooks, looking for a recipe to convert to a healthier one. After much trial I was able to come up with one that my whole family loves and is chock full of yummy goodness!

This is a whole-grain mix, that can be used for making both pancakes or waffles. I use this recipe for both. I love pancakes because they are an easy fall back when your dinner plans go wonky. At least one night a week we have pancakes. The kids love them, I love them, and so does that cute hubby of mine. We always serve ours with homemade maple syrup too!

I whipped up this mix in my Kitchen-aid mixer, with the whisk attachment. You could also use a large bowl and a wire whisk. Be sure to store your mix in an air-tight container. This mix will last up to 6 months in your pantry.

Make this at the beginning of the month and have a quick meal ready to go.  You can also add chocolate chips, fruit, or nuts to your pancake mix (before you cook them) to give your pancakes an added kick.

Each recipe for pancakes or waffles makes a ton! I like to freeze the leftovers for quick meals in the morning. Place cooled pancakes/waffles in freezer bags and label and date them. Heat them up quickly in the toaster or microwave.

Whole-Grain Pancake Mix

3 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
3 1/4 cups white flour
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbl flax seed
1 tbl baking soda
1 tbl salt

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Stir with a wire whisk until evenly combined. Pour into a 10-cup container with a tight-fitted lid. Seal container. Label and date as well. Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 6 months. Makes about 7 1/2 cups of mix.

Whole-Grain Pancakes/Waffles

3 cups whole-grain pancake mix
3 cups buttermilk*
3 egg
1/4 cup melted butter or oil

Put whole-grain pancake mix into a large bowl. Set aside. In a small bowl combine buttermilk, egg, and melted butter or oil. Add all at once to dry ingredients. Blend well. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Cook on a hot griddle for 3-4 minutes, until browned on both sides.

*use buttermilk powder or 1 tbl vinegar to 1 cup of milk to make buttermilk.


XO Danielle

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