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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Will You Take the Unplug - Pop - Connect Challenge?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn for IZEA
All opinions are 100% mine.


Morning lovelies! I am excited for today's post because I get to team up with JOLLY TIME Pop Corn. JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is an independent, family owned company out of Iowa. They're also the first ever branded popcorn! I am excited to be apart of their new fabulous campaign to get families to unplug - pop some corn - and enjoy those families of ours.

You know I am a BIG TIME supporter of Family Night. Our days are crazy and I feel like they are only getting more hectic as the days go on. With Hubby working and us going from different school activities and such, it can be hard to get all four of us to just be in the same place for long. Because of this, we have instituted family night (I've talked about it a bunch on the blog). I love family night because it is a time to unplug....meaning we put those electronics down (don't worry you won't go through too much withdrawal) and hang out with that family of yours. 


Recently we had a fun night of board games and popcorn. My littles love popping corn because it is something they can do all on their own...which is why I put them in charge of the snack every time.

JOLLY TIME Pop Corn has a bunch of easy, microwavable flavors that your family is sure to love. We usually stick with kettle corn, since it is a family favorite. We tried it about a year ago and were hooked. There are a ton of other flavors butter, crispy white, jalapeno butter, mallow (what marshmallows and popcorn...yes please), the big cheese, to name a few. Oh they also have "light" flavors, if you're wanting a healthier option. I actually didn't realize how many flavor options there were till I started looking it up. There is a flavor to please anyone in that family of yours.


JOLLY TIME Pop Corn is challenging families to put down those phones, turn off those televisions, and spend time together as a family. Dust off those board games you haven't played in a while, pop some JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, and have fun with one another. Before we know it those littles will be grown and out of the house. Make memories now that will stay with them and keeping them coming back :)

I'd love for you lovelies to join my family in this unplug challenge. Head on over to Unplug Pop Connect and pledge to unplug your family and get your laugh on! Your pledge also means you'll have a chance to win a free Unplug. POP. Connect. prize package including a POP Moment bag, free samples of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn and more!


If you go to Unplug Pop Connect, you can also see what other families are doing to unplug. I got a lot of great ideas for our upcoming family nights. Oh and you can follow JOLLY TIME Pop Corn on Facebook too!

I hope you all will join me this month to unplug and enjoy time with family this month. You in?

XO Danielle

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