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Thursday, May 28, 2015

June Spending Freeze...

If you've been hanging around these parts for a while, then you know I am a budgeting fanatic. I live and breath is what I do. Lately though, we've had quite a few expenses. Birthdays and fun celebrations were had this past month. We' also had quite a few unexpected expenses come up...the car...the catch my drift...basically those curve balls that life sends us. Thankfully, we plan ahead for all of these expenses and we had money set to cover us.

We also went on our annual family vacation. We've been saving up for about 6 months for our vacation and were able to pay cash for it. Going away for the weekend was so fun! I love that family of mine! Hanging out and just being together as a family is the best! It was so fun! We went to LA and did a lot of fun stuff. I will share pictures soon...promise:)

After a month of all of these fun filled...and not so fun filled expenses (remember I said we had a car issue), our savings is a bit on the sad side. To build back up our savings and get our minds back into budgeting mode, Hubby and I are doing a spending freeze for the month of June.

We sat down together and came up with a budget of the month. We used a spreadsheet in Libre Office. We have vowed to not doing any extra spending. We are going back to the basics and using everything on hand. He is committing to not eating out and only using a monthly budgeted amount of $25 for his Dr. Pepper fix each day. He will bring his lunch to work each day.We had gotten out of this habit the past month and eating out really adds up fast!

I will not be doing any extra spending...which means no thrifting, clearance shopping, gift buying, etc. We will not being going out for family night or date night this month. We will be getting creative and doing fun stuff at home, with what we have on hand.

I am going to rein in my gas usage as well. We've been doing a lot of field trips for school, which is awesome....but I also know I need to pick and choose, so I don't spend so much in the mileage department.

I've cut our grocery budget in half, from what I normally buy and we will not be buying any toiletries. I also will not be buying any music.

So there are my do's and don'ts for the next month. I am excited for this challenge and to be able to get my mind set back into saving mode.

If you're craving a spending freeze like me, join my family during the month of June! I plan to update our journey here in full detail throughout the month, but join me on instagram @blissful_and_domestic & use the hashtag #Junespendingfreeze!

Do you have ideas for saving money & spending less? please share!

XO Danielle

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