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Monday, May 11, 2015

My Thrifted Home: The Entry Way

Good morning lovelies! I hope that this weekend found you relaxation and joy. We had a full weekend, spent with family and friends. I'll have to share later all the fun we were up to, but for today I have something else in mind. Last week I posted a picture of my bedroom on instagram. I had to document the fact that my room was actually clean. Floors cleaned, rug finally laid, bed made, and everything dusted. Life is busy and sometimes these clean moments are few and far between. As I looked at the picture, I realized that in pictures you can hide the flaws of a room. The unfinished trim....the walls that still only hold primer....the list could go on and on. I live in a fixer upper. We bought this house 3+ years ago, paying cash for it. Yes it is a trailer and for some reason trolls on the web really hate that I call it a house....but guess what? It is is a house. It is a home, where my family resides, lives, plays, and lives life. I love it. I love the financial freedom it gives us at this time in our life. I am thankful that God lead us to this home because I have seen over and over again why we are right where we need to be at this time in our life. I see the people we have meet, the friends we have made, and the area we are has all been to our betterment.....God has truly blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.

With all that being said, I really wanted to give you a little sneak peak of my home. The finished and unfinished projects. The imperfections. This is by no means a picture perfect tour. This is a real life mama tour. Yes my house is clean and tidy, at the time I took these has since been enjoyed and lived in aka messes have been and are being made. I hope you enjoy this tour. I hope that it encourages you to look at your home a different way. Don't focuses on the things you want to change or the the things that are "wrong" with the space you are living in, but focus on the good. The pictures you can hang of your sweet friends and family. The little touches you can make to allow your space to be more welcoming. We do not have to live in huge houses to have an inviting home. We do not need things from the top brands to make it beautiful. We can spend less, create beautiful, and so much more!

Today we will start in the entry way...

On with the tour....

We live in a small home. I believe it is 1200 square feet. Yes this space is small, but we make the most of it with a few crafty, thrifted touches. I am a HUGE lover of vinyl. I love the fact that it easily comes off if you want to change things up and instantly gives a space a crafty touch. "Bless This Nest" is one of my favorite sayings. I also LOVE monograms. We have a lot of W's in our home. The wreath I made from a thrifted wreath form. I used an old sheet my Mom gave me to do the rag ties.

The welcome mat is a handmedown from my Motherinlaw. Hubby snagged that during her last move. It is great for preventing the dusty footprints that are bound to happen living in the desert. Our floors are plywood and are painted. We use to have a hard wood plank flooring, but it was a bear to clean so Hubby pulled them out and is now using that wood to make planter boxes and our new kitchen table. 

Next to our front door, we have one of my favorite spaces. I had always wanted to do a wall college when we were living in apartments, but never got around to doing it. I could never find the right stuff to fill it with. Soon after we moved in, the wall collage came to fruition in my mind. I seriously love it so much. It's changed a bit since it first went up, but change is always good. I love the mix of colors, patterns, and textures. The letters are from Hobby Lobby and are for each letter of our names. The number 4 is for our family of four. I used hot glue to hang the letters. I know! I know! It sounds horrible, but it works. You put hot glue on the back of whatever you want to hang and then let it cool for a few seconds before placing. Probably not the smartest way to hang things, but I make do with what I have on hand :)

The book shelf is one that Hubby made. It still needs to be stained, but is currently holding all of our library books......yes we read A LOT :)

The basket on top of the bookcase is from my mominlaw and is another hand me down. She thrifted it when my Hubby was young. It holds our school workbooks.

Next I have a few simple garlands I made from yarn, pom poms, and chalkboard garland (purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store).

Oh and if you look closely, you can still see the hole in our wall. It's from when my nephew decided to slam our door open. Now every time I look at it I think of sweet Eastenn :)

The other little touches in our entry way are mostly from thrift stores. I am always looking out for cute, fun finds.

Come back later this week for more glimpses into my home. Tomorrow I have a fun guest post from Amy @ The Little Farm Diary.

XO Danielle

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