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Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Thrifted Home: The Master...

Today I am continuing my thrifted home tour. Today we are venturing into my master bedroom, to show you a little bit about our home..imperfections and all. Most of our items have either been purchased at thrift stores, bought on clearance, or are hand me downs. I think it is important to always remember that we can all create beautiful on less.

Let's get on with the tour....

Our room is not very large, but is perfect for us. We have a queen size bed set that we bought on credit when we were first married. We were trying to build credit, since we were young and newly married. We bought this bed set and paid it off in a year. The hope chest was a more recent purchase. I had always wanted one and snagged this one for $60 on Facebook. It holds all of our bedding and winter blankets.

The comforter was bought on mega clearance at Target. It was originally part of a bedding set but the comforter is all that is left now. I used fabric I had on hand to make the pillow shams and decorated pillows. I have a thing for patterns can you tell? My decor motto is to pick a few colors and stick within that spectrum. That is what I do when finding patterns and such to go together. I stick with the red, sage green, tan, black, and white color scale. It works for me! 

The picture above the bed was my grandparents. When my grandmother moved from her current home, she gave it to me. I love having a piece of their history in my home. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

The hand print pillow was one I made with my kids years ago. It is crazy to think how small their hands use to be! I tell them to stop growing, but they don't listen :)

For curtains, Hubby and I had to come to a compromise. He loves blackout curtains, but they tend to not always be my style. Our compromise was black out curtains in the back and pretty curtains in the a decorating mullet :)

The pretties on the dresser are all thrifted and touched up by me, except the wedding couple. That is actually the cake topper from our wedding cake. I love being able to have it as part of our decor. The pictures are all ones we've had for years. I haven't updated those pictures very much. I use thrifted pant hangers for holding a few of the pictures. It is such a fun way to hang pretties!

Each side of the bed has an end table and basket for Hubby and my things. Yes Hubby's side is not "picture worthy", but our deal is that if I leave that one little space alone, he doesn't care what else I do in the room. I think that's a great deal!

The lamps are yard sale finds. I still need to paint Hubby's lamp. It is still rocking it's original pink. It has a green redo in its near future.

As you can see our door has a hole in it. It came that way. I am sure it has an interesting story, but we we were never told it. We have a shoe organizer hung on the back for storage and privacy. We haven't got around to fixing the door's on our to do list.

The Emma and Joseph Smith painting was a gift from my parents and is a favorite. I also have some other thrifted goodies, Hubby's missionary plaque, and a poem framed that Hubby wrote me when he was in basic training on the wall.

Someday I want to paint the walls. I haven't decided on a color. The walls are still rockin their primer that Hubby and I did over two years ago. I love the little touches you can add to a room. I like things simple and pretty. Thankfully Hubby is always on board with my creative side. He's a keeper!

I still have a few more sections of my home to show you, but I think those will have to wait till next week. I have a fun date night planned with my Mama. We're seeing Pitch Perfect and I am counting down the days till Saturday. We are chick flick fanatics and when you add in singing we are all for it!

I hope you all have an amazing Friday. Get out there and have some fun!

XO Danielle


  1. I love the matching curtain and cushion fabric. It's a beautiful print. Your home looks lovely.

  2. Hey Danielle, Soft grays are really popular right now and a great neutral base. I did my entire house with greys, the living room area is so light you think it's white until you look at where the wall meets the ceiling. Your room looks great. And yes - it's always this slow meticulous thing to get a house fully finished!

  3. Beautiful... I love your color combinations.. Just perfect..{ I think you and hubby came to a great compromise on the curtains.]
    Love the hope chest .. I would love to have one.. and hope to run into one..ha
    Your bedroom is really pretty, thank you for sharing.

  4. Omg my boyfriend's night stand is a nightmare lol. I try to keep it clean and organized looking, but it never works out. I have been enjoying these posts of your thrifted home, can't wait to see more!

  5. Very pretty! Your bedroom looks great!
    Thanks for the inspiration; I really need to work on mine.

  6. I really love seeing all the fun decorating ideas you have - all on a budget. Thank you for sharing.


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