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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sweet Moments...

I truly believe that Heavenly Father works through others to reach out to us, to show us we are not forgotten, and to let us know just how loved we are. Sunday evening was a rough one for me. Grief was overwhelming me. It was the same day I got my sweet reminder to Pray More and Worry Less...that very same evening, I received another reminder of how loved I was. I was spending a few minutes cleaning up after dinner and went into my room to put a book away. When I came into my room, I saw a sweet display left out for me by my little Miss.

Oh how I love the little treasures my kiddos leave for's like they know exactly when I need them too! On my pile of books to read were some pretty flowers delicately laid out. We had added these to Miss Libby's "princess braid" before church. I had to snap a picture of their simple beauty laid out so carefully. 

I am thankful for sweet moments our Father in Heaven gives us. I know He gives us these moments often, it is only up to us to slow down and truly see them.

What sweet moments have you been capturing?

Sidenote- I just finished the book Perception by Kim Harrington. It is a young adult fiction book and it is good people! I definitely recommend it! :)

XO Danielle


  1. You mean to say "Show us we ARE * forgiven" :)

  2. Such a sweet heart she has! You are blessed sweet friend! Wishing you a joy-filled weekend.

  3. Miss Priss is truly an amazing and wonderful little girl.. So happy you received this loving care, from Our Heavenly Father, and from your sweet daughter. May God be with you and your family, and may you feel better, and have a lovely weekend.


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