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Friday, May 29, 2015

What's in My Bag......

Today we're going to play a rousing game of....drum roll please......da da da da.....ok I actually don't know how to type a drum roll (I may have even googled it), so just pretend I made a drum roll sound.......we are going to play What's in My Bag!

You're excited aren't you?

I totally knew you would be :)

You see I am a nosy person. I AM that person who likes to look in other people's cupboards. I love to see how people organize, store, etc. I also love to see what people buy. It always gives me great ideas on stuff I could and definitely COULD NOT use/buy. I also am fascinated by what us ladies put in our purses. Because I am a big GIGANTIC weirdo, I decided to share what's in my bag today....because I know at least one of y'all is a curious mama like me (c'mon I can't be the only one right?) and wants to know what I am storing in that thrifted owl purse of mine.

Sidenote: I snagged that beauty for $6.00 at a thrift store. Say What?!?!? I know it's killer! I totally heart it! 

So today I am taking you on a "tour" of my purse....I am sharing my must haves and all that goodness.

Let's get on with it :)

To start off I have my wallet. It holds all my pertinents...ID, credit cards, coupons, stamps, Costco card, etc. It also holds money, library cards (we have many), and a prayer card from my brother's funeral. I keep it with me always. It has a picture of him and a poem on the back. It is a sweet reminder every time I go into my wallet. My wallet I purchased from Payless last year. I use wallets till they are completely falling apart. The one before my red gem lasted me about 7 years. I want a wallet to be with me for the long haul :) Although I don't like paying $10+ for a wallet. When you factor in how long I have them for, I definitely get my money worth.

Next I have a small makeup case, with all the the basics stored in it...nail clipper, tweezers, chap stick (I'm addicted), mascara, toothbrush, dental floss, headband, compact mirror/powder, hand lotion, business cards for the blog,and two pens. These all fit into the flower case up above. I use to have scissors in my purse to, but somehow they have escaped. I need to add them back in.

I also keep a small pouch of wet wipes. These come in handy almost every time we're out and about. They cost less than $2 and are great to always have on hand...whether you have little ones or not. I also keep an antibacterial soap attached to the side of my purse. I am a bit of a clean hand freak, so this helps keep my mama mind at ease.

The last few things I keep in my purse are my keys, gum, and a sanitary napkin. You never know when flow is going to come and I like to be ready. I always keep this stored in the side pocket of my purse. The only other thing I store in my purse, that is not pictured, is my phone...because well...I was using it to take the picture :)

So all of these goodies keep me organized and ready for whatever comes about when we are out of the house. 

Now I know you have got to have other treasures you store in your purse or have thought of adding. Let's share. I love getting ideas and being able to learn from all of you. So what's in your bag?

XO Danielle
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