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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 Inspiring Blogs I am Reading Right Now...

I woke up this morning and started thinking about all the amazing blogs out there. I love reading blogs. I love receiving a little glimpse into someone else's world. It is both encouraging and inspiring. Here are five blogs I have been reading daily, which both leave me with a sense of calm and a desire to be create beauty in my every day.

Not only is this mama a contributor here on Blissful and Domestic (she just shared her strawberry shortcake recipe Yum!) but she is a bloggy friend as well. She leaves me spiritually fed, as I read her posts on faith and homeschool. I absolutely love the feeling of slow and calm as I read Amy's blog! 

Mandy is an old fav that I recently found again. Do you ever have that happen? You are all about a blog and then something happens and you kind of lose track, but when you find it again it is like catching up with an old friend. That is Biblical Homemaking. It is a blog about a mama, her hubby, and her kids living life. Love it! 

Sara is an artist and a darn good one at that. She shares about farm life, being mom, and a wife. She also shares all of her beautiful creativity through pictures. I always leave her blog feeling inspired to create beauty in the littlest of moments.

Monica's blog is one I have been reading for a long since my kids were preschool age. Whoa that's a long time! She is actually the one that got me interested in homeschool. I love the feeling of slow, as I read her posts. She is a mama always trying to grow closer to Christ and I love that. I am always inspired when I read her posts. 

and last, but certainly not least...I LOVE Stephanie from Nie Nie Dialogues. Stephanie and her husband were in a plane crash a number of years ago. She was a blogger before that and has continued to blog about her recovery and journey as she has learned to live again and be again. She is an amazing mama and I LOVE her posts on her faith, family, and everything else in between. She is an inspiration.

The one thing all these mamas have in common is that they are using their blogs to bring more goodness in the world. They commit each and every day to share a bit more goodness on the web and I love that. They keep me constantly inspired and I thank them for that. I hope you will all get a chance to check them out and bring a bit of calm into your life today. I don't know about you, but I always can use a bit more calm :)

XO Danielle

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  1. You are such a sweet friend to share my blog here this morning and I just love reading Sara's blog as well! She's so simple and inspiring. Thank you for the other suggestions and thank you for faithfully writing on your blog and inspiring us all to be thrifty and sharing your sweet family with us all! Have an awesome week Danielle!


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