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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Five Things I Love...

I love that instead of colander, she will ask for a cauldron to drain the canned peaches. It makes me laugh every time and I can't help but ask her if we are making witches brew. She always gigles and says "Oh I mean colander". It's our thing and it's adorable.

I am loving my messy bed, right before sleep. Those books spread out and that comforter all ruffled, mean littles were in here reading. For some reason my room has become the place to read...I think it is because Watson our cat likes to sleep on the hope chest. They bring in stacks of books, sit on my bed, and read. Just being near that fluffy beast is good enough for them....he usually comes and snuggles by them...almost every time.

I love shopping with my littles...never did I think I'd say that haha! They're getting older and have become such amazing helpers. They also knew if they're really good and there's money left in the budget, I will buy a tub of ice cream. It was cookies and cream this week.

I love this stack of books. I feel like I go through phases. Ones where I devour book after book and ones where I don't. Right now I am hungry for a good story and have been enjoying working my way through this stack of books. Thank you library :)

I love the quite that bedtime brings. It is my time to refresh and recharge. Lately I have been catching up on my favorites blogs (my current favs being Biblical Homemaking and The Rosy Life), taking time to write in my scripture journal, and read from my stack of books. I am loving my "me" time in the evenings, while hubby studies for his next certification test.

What are you loving lately?

XO Danielle


  1. I am the same way with books, one month I read a ton the next maybe one. If you like YA Fiction I just finished Rebel Belle, it was quite good and funny.

  2. I am having hard time right now with some financial emergencies, so I'm loving my meditation/prayer time to quiet my mind. Also loving and very grateful that my son has finally found full time work, after a long search. Praise!

  3. lately things have just been crazy with all the end of year stuff, school, pto, cub scouts, vacation directly afterwards, my niece's wedding. I cant wait to get on the best and just BREATH. I'm gonna take my bead stuff with me but if it happens it does if it doesn't it doesn't.


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