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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How to Clean Your Floors Without Chemicals and on the Cheap....

It's 8:20 pm and the kids are all nestled in bed. Hubby just ran to the store for some sunflower seeds...he's pretty addicted right now and I am in front of my laptop...ready for a bit of me time. Blogging is my me time. It is my time to get all these thoughts out of my head. I need a little creative released each day and blogging does that for me. The house is quiet. I love this hour after the kids go to don't get me wrong...I love when my red heads are awake and running a muck, but the calm that occurs after everyone is tucked in is something to be enjoyed. It is a time to sit back and reflect on the day. It is a time to give yourself a pat on the back for making it another day without pulling your hair out. Mommyhood is tough business......good things those precious littles we get to call our own are so very worth it.

Today before bedtime, I was tackling the floors. Oh those floors. We have plywood flooring....I wish we had hardwood flooring but gaw we do not...someday Danielle...someday......we also live in the desert, so our floors get dusty really REALLY fast...oh and throw in our cute little Watson and all his hair....I am sure you are seeing the picture I am painting. Our floors need a little TLC and today I am going to share what I do to keep them clean and not spend a fortune. I am also showing you how we do it completely chemical free. This will work whether you have plywood floors, tiled floor, hardwood floors, or anything in between. You only need a few things and then you will be ready to go.

A mop, a bucket, vinegar, hot water, and some essential oils. The oils are completely optional. I just really like to use them because they cover the vinegar smell and they smell wonderful. My favorite right now is Lemongrass. It smells like lemon-heads. Remember that delicious candy from when you were a kid? It was a favorite. I love my floors smelling like that sweet memory. Make this mama smile :)

I start by prepping my floors. Give them a good sweep or vacuum. I do a mix of both. I make sure that I use the wand attachment if I am vacuuming, so I can get into those tight corners. Nothing sucks worst then when you go to mop and notice a little section of crumbs you forgot to clean up.

Once those floors are ready for mopping, I fill a 5 gallon bucket with about 4 cups of vinegar. I then fill the bucket up to about the half way point with hot water. I just use hot water from the tab. Once that bucket is full, you get to do the fun part....adding the essential oils. I usually do about 20 drops of oil. I really like to smell that goodness, but do what works for you.

Once your bucket is ready to go you can mop. I don't have a fancy is just a simple plastic mop from Target. I believe it was $7.99. I buy a new mop sponge for it about every month. Those sponges are about $2.99. Super inexpensive. I buy my vinegar at Costco so I can buy a gallon of vinegar for only a few dollars. My essential oils are the NOW brand and I buy them on Amazon for less than $10 a bottle.

By keeping it simple, I am able to save my family money and not have to bring a lot of nasty chemicals into the home. My house also smells wonderful when I am done mopping. I usually do my whole house once a week....but realistically it only happens every other week. I really shoot for once a week though. My kitchen I do more often. It is probably the one part of my house I am super vigilant in keeping tidy. No one wants to cook in a yuck kitchen. Am I right?

So there you have it. A few simple tricks for keeping those floors clean and not breaking the bank.

Here are a few more green cleaning ideas :)

Thank you for letting me share this graphic Chadwicks :)

Now I know we all have our own little techniques, so share in the comments how you all keep those floors clean and save money. I love hearing your idea. So inspiring!!

Check out this week's menu plan over here. This one includes a recipe list and grocery list :)

XO Danielle 


  1. Have you ever used a steam mop? We got one as a wedding gift several years ago and just replaced it once it broke recently. We have the Shark brand. The model we have is not the oldest one but definitely not the fanciest either. It costs about $120 full retail price, but they do go on sale at places like Target. Also, if you use a coupon somewhere like Bed Bath & Beyond you could really save money! All you need is water and it makes steam within a minute or two. Great to know my floors are sanitized with no chemicals. You should think about getting one! In the long run it may end up saving you money over the course of the few years it will last.

    1. do u use yours on hardwood floors? we have the HAAN and it says to not use on hardwood floors. I hate when I mop them, wet mop and then dry mop to not let the water soak in. one hand i think - it's not on there for that long, but then i think but that heat opens the wood pores so I've been too chicken to try it, lol!

  2. so it's not cleaning BUT u cant plant lemon grass and harvest it. I've made lemongrass pancakes and they are amazing! just chop it up like chives, sprinkle in and cook like regular.


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