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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

If Your Bathroom Could Talk.....Part 2

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All opinions are 100% mine.

Alright lovelies...ever since I shared about those sweet birds in my bathroom, who can't unsee the things they've seen, I started to think about what other objects were getting the royal shaft in my bathroom....I thought probably a little too hard on this one haha....and then a thought came to me....the kitty cat brush holder my GG Grandma gave me a few months back. Oh that poor sweet cat. I love it, Hubby hates it, so it resides tucked behind the toilet as a compromise...keeping the toilet brush handy for when cleaning needs to be done.

I kind of felt bad that this poor little kitty, who sees a side of us know one should. It was royally shafted when I was thinking about what bathroom objects can't forget what they see in there. So Toilet Brush Holder Kitty Cat....I am so sorry. So sorry I completely forgot about you and only thought of my three green birds....I am sorry for the things you must see as you try to hide from it all behind that porcelain seat. You are a trooper.

I'm not the only one thinking about their ill-fated bathroom objects.....Quilted Northern recently launched a hilarious line of #HelpMeForget short videos on YouTube. They highlight the unpleasant experiences our poor bathroom objects have to endure each and every day. They are directed by Academy Award Winner nominee Bennett Miller. Quilted Northern's "Designed to be Forgotten videos" videos are laugh out loud funny. My kids and I can still not get enough of these.

Give that family of yours a good laugh by watching all six designed to be forgotten videos today. Trust will put a smile on their face. We all like a little bathroom humor every now and then right?

You can also find more "Designed to be Forgotten" stories on Quilted Northern's Facebook .


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