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Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Meal Plan Week 1 & 2

Alright lovelies...I know it has been forever and a day, but I am back on my menu plan section of the blog with a new goodie for you. Here is what my family will be eating over the next two weeks. I also have a grocery haul video to go with it, so you know what I bought to cover these two weeks of meals. We are doing a spending freeze right now, which means I tried to pull meals from items I already had on hand. I am really trying to clean out that pantry and freezer this month, so that was a goal as I meal planned. One way to save money is by using up what you already have. It is a great thing to stock up and find things on sale, but if you don't rotate your stock, things can expire and get wasted. I like to do a pantry clean out every once in a while to ensure I am using everything before it goes bad.

Since it is heating up outside, you'll find that a lot of my recipes are simple and do NOT require the use of the oven. My oven takes a break during the summer months, so I will be sharing some simple ways to feed your family and not heat up your home on hot summer days. I try to only use the oven a few times a week, rather than every single night. It helps keep it cool :)

Ready to see what we'll be eating?

Let's get to it :)

{Week #1}

Monday- Spaghetti and Veggies
Tuesday- Enchiladas with corn on the cob
Wednesday- Pancakes - using my pancake mix found here
Thursday- Tilapia and steamed veggies and rice  --using a recipe found here
Friday- Pizza night - will be using my thin crust pizza recipe found here
Saturday- Taco Salad Night with cilantro ranch dressing
Sunday- Leftovers

{Week #2}

Monday- Baked Potatoes- we love to serve these with chopped green onions, cheese, and sour cream
Tuesday- Crockpot Chicken and veggies  (I used chicken breasts rather than a whole chicken)
Wednesday- French Toast and kiwi banana Fruit Salad
Thursday- Tofu Stirfry
Friday- Pizza Night
Saturday- Salad Night
Sunday- Leftovers

Keeping things simple, by adding in breakfast nights, salad nights, and homemade pizza night is a great way to meal plan without the stress. These recipe to not really take a lot of work. They are easy to throw together in under 20 minutes. They are also perfect when we are busy having fun with our family on these hot summer days.

I hope you are able to get some ideas on what to feed your family this week. Make a meal plan, shop on a budget, and feed that family of yours. It is a great way to save money and spend time with those you love:)

Here's the grocery haul to go along with this menu plan :)

Have  a fantastic day!

XO Danielle


  1. Thanks for doing the work. Makes it easy for folks who have never done it figure out how without the FREAKOUT!

  2. Thank for this ideas.I'm like french toast and get ideas from french toast on .


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