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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

On Wednesday We Go To Target....

--- Don't worry I'm still on my spending freeze. I wrote this post last week :) ---

On Wednesdays we go to Target. Keagan has speech therapy and Libby and I have an hour to kill. I could go home, but once we factor in travel time and such it ends up only giving us about 15 minutes at home. Rather than go home, we usually use that time to walk around Target or Wal-Mart. We buy whatever things are on our errand list for that week and we explore. Today when we we went, I pulled out my camera. Libby was exceptionally excited. She had recently been to the store with her Dad and had doll stuff to show me. Yes it is only the start of summer, but she is already thinking of Christmas. She likes to plan ahead and change her list as she thinks about what doll stuff she could add to her current collection. Oh side note- she is currently all about dolls. She's been stuck on 18 inch dolls for about 2 years and the love only seems to be getting stronger.

Once we we poured our energy over every single doll accessory, we got what we came for...notebooks and diet soda (I am currently obsessed). I ended up leaving with a fun Christmas gift for my mama. It was on clearance and when I saw it, I couldn't help gut think of my Mom and her opening it on Christmas morning. It came home with me and will be stashed away till December. I was also suckered into buying some Hello Kitty stickers and a Mnt Dew for the boy. Every once in a while I give into those red headed pleads.

Those freckles and blue eyes just get to my mommy heart sometimes.

As we walked around, I thought about the sweet girl my red head is growing up to be. She's 8 and is spunky as ever. She runs, jumps, and dances all the time. I love her spirit. There are so many times, when we are out and about, when I am reminded of times with my own mother. I would also dance around, as she shopped. I am thankful or these little reminders God gives me.

I am thankful for blurry photos and dancing down the aisles at Target. My little red heads make life more interesting and I sure am thankful I get to be there Mama.

XO Danielle


  1. So precious Danielle! I don't know how you manage to shop at Target without spending! I have a ban on entering that store unless I have lots of fun money, I'm so weak in that store! You are a stronger woman than I!

  2. Danielle.. I love hearing about your fun shopping trip with Libby.. My babies are 38 and 42 and I still have such happy memories of our fun shopping days.. I remember My daughter and I , doing the same thing....We would go and look at every Barbie and all the accessories/clothes.. She would choose and re-choose what she wanted to add to her collection at Christmas and Birthdays.. So fun..
    Diet coke--- I am addicted too.ha
    I think the sweet red heads, needed the mountain dew and [Yes my kids say, I spoil the grandkids..but oh how I love it.]

  3. lol thought my kids were the only ones already planning and writing Christmas list! x


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