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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pancakes For Dinner is Always a Good Idea...

At least once a week we have pancakes. They are easy to make, are whipped up in no time flat, and everyone loves them. I ALWAYS pair them my homemade maple syrup.

Pancakes are awesome any night of the week. They are my fall back when I don't really feel like cooking or my dinner plans have gone wonky. I love being able to add little goodies into them as well. From applesauce (to replace the oil), chocolate chips, fruit, anything you can really think of.

I keep a tub full of my whole-grain pancake mix in my pantry at all times, so that I can whip up some pancakes whenever the craving arises.

Having pancakes once a week is also a great way to save money. You leave the meat out of the meal, use stuff from your pantry and then you have a low cost meal, that keeps more pennies in your pocket. Who doesn't love more pennies in their pocket? Those pennies can add up fast!

You can find my Ready Made Pancake Mix recipe HERE or on my Ready Made Mixes Page. This stuff is good people! You will no longer be stocking up on that store bought stuff after you try my whole grain version. Yum!

What's your go to meal on busy nights?

XO Danielle


  1. We love to do chicken quesadillas. It only takes a few pantry items like home canned chicken & beans, Trader Joes Salsa Verde, and shredded cheese of choice. Everything is mixed together with spices and cooked between tortillas on the griddle. Super fast and a crowd pleaser.

  2. Tacos, fajitas or burritos are our go to for quick dinners. I love pancakes though! We always add mashed banana into ours and even pureed mango sometimes.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I will be using this in the near future, as I have some bread machine projects to do :)

  4. I always bake when I am not busy.It is wonderful if I can use my bread maker to do the same thing as you. thanks


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